Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Moving Madness

THIS was an odd way to start the day. In the moving, the bamboo tongs must have been set straddling the toaster. They split and fell into the slots. I made toast this a.m. and couldn't figure out why it smelled odd.....

Michael had his first doctor appointment of the week this morning; he'll have five this week.  While he had his appointment the kids and I set about cleaning the trailer and making sure we had cleared everything.

Of course, with every load we bring to the motor home we create CHAOS and have to figure out where to put it all. This evening Michael installed a door handle with a lock on the bathroom door, we kept putting things away.....

Krista stopped over for dinner. In the fun of visiting, putting things up, and replacing the door handle....I forgot to add a couple of key ingredients to the chili....but visiting was great anyway!

Name That RV

Yes, we name our cars and RVs. It's a fun family idiosyncrasy.  Thus, the 31 foot trailer was The Caboose.  Here are some names we are tossing around. Care to add to the list?  Michael is currently calling her, "Bessie." I haven't a clue. I'm calling her "the Monster," for obvious reasons.  Feel free to add your contributions to the list! 

Isn't she a beaut? 
Fred & Ginger (RV and Towable)

Nanu - lovesick moose

The Mother Ship

The Refuge - 避難 hinanjo or is it pinanjo

Dream Boat 2 - DB2 - Mom and Dad G's Class C (which we inherited when they were done with it ) was "Dreamboat"

The Pickle Jar - PJ



The Vagabond

The Explorer

The Courageous  -勇敢な Yuka-na May be confusing with Yuuki

The Wardrobe

Casa minúsculo

うち Uchi - My home

The Engine/caboose (RV and Towable)