Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Choosing Joy? Yeah.

This has been a hard day. I slept in (I am ALWAYS up be 4:30 - 5:00).  
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I had to do a fasting lab today - and then when I finally MADE it to base (long story) the lab tech told me I'd been fasting too long...she told me to come back anyway. There was a young tech trying to draw from a gentlemen - unsuccessfully. The lady with me said, "Here, you draw her and I'll take him." UM - WHY DON'T I HAVE A SAY IN THIS????? More blood drawn from the same vein they blew out two days ago....She asked if it hurt. I told her yes. She used it anyway. At least THIS time there was not blood running down my arm. Today they made it TIGHT and extra bleeding.  (I'll spare you the photo. ::snort::)

Stacia, Zander and I went to the library and checked out books from All Through the Ages to use in our study of Japan. I had written the company, told them I had the 2nd edition and was wondering how much had been changed in the 3rd edition. I explained I lived in Japan and was trying to decide if there were enough changes to the Japan offerings to warrant reordering the book and waiting through the APO shipping.   I NEVER expected the author to email me. She thanked me for being a military spouse and sent me a PDF file of the updated pages on books about Japan.  She said I had enough stress in my life that I didn't need to reorder a book for 4 pages. Turns out she was prophetic.

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School with the younger two wasn't great. To be truthful one tried to deceive me by randomly circling answers, one tried, "I'm so cute you can't possibly want me to REMEMBER that sound," and I lost it with them.   I was immediately convicted. As I tried to talk around the lump in my throat Zander looked at me with tears and wailing and said, "You should not be so mean to Stacia. The Bible says to treat others the way you want them to treat you."  {In my defense I was NOT screaming etc. I simply used my firm voice.  They cracked me up as they'd been fighting all morning....}  Ugh. I picked myself off the floor, and talked to them about sin, confession, repentance, forgiveness - you know the GOSPEL. We prayed. We forgave. 

 I'm re-calibrating. The stress was MY doing....I failed to plan to miss a whole day of school yesterday, I woke up late today and we didn't get a good start on school due to the trip to the lab, I realized we have MOPS tomorrow (only once a month) but it will not be a good school day again... I don't regret going to the beach instead of doing school yesterday....but I am going to have to plan ahead better for these out of the ordinary days.  Zander really struggles with grace....and I believe working through all of our failures transparently may have helped him grasp the idea. 
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The kids are outside enjoying some time with friends. I'm going to go make muffins for MOPS and then figure something out for dinner. I'm going to bed at a decent time tonight...even if Michael is working late...and I'm going to wake up in a much better frame of mind tomorrow.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...