Saturday, March 06, 2021

Sensational Saturday

 Our Saturday began with the mundane. I have 2 big stock pots of broth to can. This seemed a good day to can...I knew we had company in the afternoon, but a canner can work with company in the house....I got the first pot settled. I asked Nolan to bring in the next pot....Um...Frozen solid. He began to work with boiling water and levers....

Meanwhile Allie and Stacia continued our goal of trimming up Millie. She looks presentable again - a bit odd, but lovable. 

The struggle with the stock pot continued. 
Not even team work helped

Bad photo - but Nolan pulled the  strong, sturdy handle of the stock pot off. The pot was still stuck. 

Michael got involved with a crowbar and mallet and freed the broth.  Unfortunately, the solid block of broth in the pot was still thawing at bedtime. I'll finish this project tomorrow. 

Cy, Carrie and Olivia arrived. This was our first time to hear Hawaii stories since the boy trip to Hawaii. I'm thankful for the military friendships of our boys and the Harding boys - 16 years and going strong. Below you see Steven, Mikal, Jared, Jamin and Josiah...
πŸ“· One of the guys via facebook 

CoRielle arrived. Benny yelled, "I got you, Uncle!" I had to check it out....not sure who has whom in this situation. 

Cy, Carrie and I ran out to check out local thrift stores. Carrie and Olivia have found a new apartment and she is outfitting it.  The rest of the afternoon was spent with games. Alex came and left. It was loud and chaotic. Jamin came a bit after Arielle and boys left...Krista was out all day with Luke...busy house....

Cy and Carrie

Arielle and Benny

I love this photo. Benny is a determined spoons player. 

I was the first out and so filled my time taking pictures. Carrie won the spoons extravaganza.  I finished two canners of broth. We cleared out the fridge with a YOYO night (Your On Your Own).  Grandpa, Michael, Nolan, Allie, Stacia and I watched the last episode of WandaVision....