Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is It Friday Yet????

I got a big laugh out of a comment by Jared tonight. "All week, I've been getting up, eating breakfast, doing school, working out, and going to bed. It's been all work this week."

My reply? "Welcome to my world for the past 6 months." ::snort::

I really stand amazed at all we accomplish because our days are full of interruptions and unplanned (at least to US) events. We DID get school done. We did go shopping, cashed co-op checks, got gas, helped a sweet elderly lady load groceries into her car, drove the boys to their ministry site, picked the boys up, made dinner, set up tables and baskets for tomorrow and well....we did things. LOL
The day began with three phone calls in the middle of my work out. Would you believe that the ONLY person I complained to or let on to was my HUSBAND???? Thousands and thousands of miles away and he's STILL the one I take for granted. Good grief.
I AM sponging off of friends thanks to the advice of so many of my readers. ::snort:: Deja is not only taking Arielle and Nolan to drama class tomorrow but she is BRINGING them home. They are very excited and a tad bit nervous. Tricia printed off a spread sheet for me (6 pages) and PROOFED the co-op newsletter and printed one for me (my printer is still not working). It's a good thing she proofed it as I had a glaring type-o....something about "wee" instead of "week". ::snort:: Shanna is coming to help sort produce tomorrow (which is also good as I ordered mushrooms, green beans, and spinach - all of which have to be weighed!).
A couple of pictures:
His Sisters and I have told him he's a natural for spikes for years...his hair GROWS this goop at all! I really tried to convince him to go for a Mohawk but he wasn't buying it! ::snort::

I asked "someone" to watch her while I got Chicken Divan in the oven. She was clothed, clean and happy. She came in covered in MUD....had been eating the dog's food and playing in the mud....I'm still waiting to find something she won't try to eat. She LOVES to walk around with the pineapple skin....