Saturday, May 24, 2014


One week and five days - time to break the bloggy silence!  I'll be back dating. 

We determined Saturday would be a family day. Sherri and I started the day by running to Trader Joes and Market of first time to both. I've decided it may be worth it to drive to Roseville once a month. ::snort:: TJ's prices were really not worse than other stores.

Both my parents were contagious and so Michael and I ran over to visit them without the kids.  We spent the rest of the day playing yard games, BBQing, visiting....and the weather was GREAT in OR this weekend.

These are my favorite pictures and so I'm putting them first.

Our Men (Will and Michael)

Grilling at it's best! 

Looking to Drew and Krista's from Will and Sherri's

Part of the back yard

Side yard of Will and Sherri's and you can see one shed/bard and at the left the corner of Krista's. 

The kids gave me a gel nail polish kit for Mother's Day. This was a great time to try it out. 

Gracie and Layla love to play 



A day sandwiched by leisurely talks with Will and Sherri, moved on to include a visit with my folks and lots of time with the Gherkins in between was a good day. I'm content. 

Choosing Joy!
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