Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photobucket A Funny

I am honored at how many of you choose to link to Choosing Joy from your blogs. Thank you! I mean that. LOL The blog isn't about numbers but it is fun to connect with others and it is interesting to see where you all come from.

I added that "feedjit" tool in my side bar when my map was archived. It was time to try something new. LOL One fun thing that the feedjit box does is that it sometimes tell me how folks "arrived" at Choosing Joy. I was surprised at how many find me through searches - and what they are searching for.

I began to note lots of visitors were coming from I looked around and didn't recognize the author (often I'll "know" the folks who've linked), I looked around a bit more. If you are an SHS author or someone I know - speak up.

WOW.....I found an article (which looks to be good) titled 100 Essential Web Tools For Homeschoolers. Exploring this list will be a great way to spend a few hours "researching".

Get this - Essential Web Tool #97 - "Choosing Joy. This powerhouse of a homeschooling mama is in charge of her family of nine children ranging from 3 to 23. "

Mystery solved. All these readers have been dropping by to find the powerhouse homeschooler.....and what has been at the top of the blog today? An article on picking noses. ::snort:: I console myself by the thought that surely, since the article has been up since August, there have been some days when something nearly bright was at the top. ::snort::

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