Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Tuesday I thought about United Co-op....then I thought about Produce co-op. I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about what is working and what isn't working. I called another produce co-op coordinator and chatted about how she runs her co-op. On the weeks when ours is too low to order, I may order from her. I know I need produce. I've made some decisions.

I wasn't sure that I was saving enough to make running the co-op worth my time and effort on weeks when I can't take any free produce. We didn't have co-op last week. I went to buy some pink ladies and they were $2.99 a LB....I get them for .99 a LB......I coudln't buy any....but by today...I had to buy something......

This bakers rack is usually full of baskets of produce, pineapples on the racks, oranges on my counter....and we are down to either fridge, or on the bakers rack.... The compost heap was starting to look tasty. It was time to cave and go to Sam's Club. This family would not make it until Friday. I have heard several times, "I can pick it up at Sam's cheaper than $28 ". I got this.....
ONLY this......a bag of gala apples (they aren't Pink Ladies), a 10# bag of navels, 3 lbs of bananas (6), 2.5 lbs of grapes and 3 cucumbers.... $25!!!! I only pay $28 for a basket full at co-op (veggies, lettuce MORE). It's worth it. I've been restructuring.

I think a single share is too big for most families. It was built on the premise of 5 servings each, for 4 people, every 140 servings max. It's had about 100 - 140 servings, but we hear over and over that it's too much. SO.....we are going to restructure....make the single share more in keeping with what I guess a normal family eats. Now WE aim for 10 - 13 servings a I would think 5 a day doable....but it appears it is still more than most families eat in a day. I will ADMIT that I got very sick of lettuce a few weeks ago. I thought I would die if I had to eat another salad. Being out of all greens this week has cured me of that. ::snort::

I'm revising our brochure and FAQ and then will send out an email to all whose emails I have who have EVER belonged to produce co-op. Just letting them know what we are doing. It may work for some and they may come back. If not, I have three plan B's of what to do at the end of May. ::snort::

I also took care of some PWOC things.....ordered some door prizes for our tea ::shhhh::: (Thanks again, Trish), sent in numbers and announcements to the chapel, thought about what to get for dinner on Friday night Project night, tried to come up with a date for our board planning retreat....just things.

We did school.

I went to the gym. Yep - whipping my bohonkus - I hope it shows some results. ::snort::

I took Jared to meet with the personal trainer at the gym. While he did that the littles and I ran to the library (got the "new" Grisham book - finally) and Sam's Club.

A full day.


Kathy got me started on this Works for Me thing.....I wasn't ready to post until Thursday last week, so saved it for this week. I published it and went to link to the big site...and WAIT it's been changed.....THIS week is what DOESN'T work.....but I'm ready for next week. ::snort::

Off the top of my head - a few things that don't work for me (though they may work fine for you).

~Strict schedules for school, home, parenting, family life.....routines work better for me.

~Many natural deodorants - I still stink.

~Comparing my self and children to others.

~Fitting in a box.

~Playing the victim.


~Potty training young toddlers.

~Teaching young adults to drive.

~Chlorox mops.

~Son says Tom's toothpaste but *I* love it.

~Gorgeous plants in TX - I have caught Charly's black thumb of death.

~Living up to other's preconceived expectations when they hear I'm a quiverful, homeschooling, crunchy, pastor's wife.

~Labels. ::snort:: See above.

~Fish Oil.

~Fluffy Bible studies.

~Out of context Bible teachers.

~Being expected to be a groupie.

~Many traditional curriculums.

~Civic pep talks in church.


~Protein drinks.

~Instruction manuals.

~Running free and wild - give me the gym.

~6 year olds who know how to install programs on computers.

~Homeschool co-ops - though I'm dreaming of next year and a new plan. LOL

~Super, self-righteous, practically perfect people - we're all sinners saved by grace.

~Memes that change topics mid-month.....I suppose I need to keep checking back...and that is not directed at THIS one - I never even checked to see if they had a schedule. ::snort:: So what doesn't work for me is skimming instructions?

~Address books.


~Killer Geese.

~Killer fruit flies swarming from the composter.

That's enough. For more entries on this theme go here. More of my WFMW posts can be read here.