Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Saturday

Joel and Mary called this morning to see if we'd like to go to Hachinohe to the planetarium. I would have loved to. They'd arranged an English show. Jared and Arielle had human video the same time. This reminded them that Alicia did too. SO....they dropped Alicia off here and took Nolan and Zander with them.

We dropped the three youth off for practice. Stacia and I then went to the Arts and Crafts store where we were allowed to pick ANY piece we wanted to paint for FREE. We were also allowed free paint, glaze and firing. I'm not sure how our pieces will turn out, but it was relaxing. We are still out to use as many free perks on the May "Deployment passport" that we can. LOL

When we dropped Alicia off at home, we were invited to come back for dinner. They'd stopped at the fish market and had a nice salmon. We did another family. What fun. The majority of my family liked the grilled salmon....and so I have another grill meal.

We also walked over to see if we could catch the newest addition to our neighborhood...born while I was at retreat.  They weren't in...

There are a field of these on the other side of our fence...and no Weed and Feed in sight.

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Thursday's Adventures

Would you believe I ordered a "large print" Bible and THIS is what I got? It's tiny and compact...and says LARGE PRINT right on the spine. ::snort::

Who says PWOC Installation services can't be fun?

A PWOC Installation service is when we affirm last year's leaders and encourage and pledge support to the upcoming year's leaders.  Thursday evening I took Twyla, a friend who was an invaluable help in retreat planning, out to dinner and an onsen to thank her (and just enjoy time together).  WOW - a lot of food for Y800....can't beat that...New Delhi....Indian food is fast becoming my new favorite.

After dinner we went to the Grand Komaki resort. I've heard of this hotel since before we arrived. Evidently, we are famous up here in the North for our Hot Springs - which is why we have so many Onsens.  Komaki hosts travelers from around Japan to our little town.

The main attraction for US - was the ONSEN!!!! And what an Onsen it is. After the experience I wrote this on Facebook. "Ah - I'm spoiled for any other Onsen: outside waterfalls, birds swooping into pond (other side of rock barrier). I swear the onsens are helping me get better. Really. I had several mamasans "help" spray all sorts of suspicious things on my face & body....joined about 50 Japanese in robes sitting on benches, not sure what we were waiting for....but hey....I was too relaxed to move anyway."

This is a spa! All the other onsens I've been to have been "every day" onsens. This one....Ah... the shower spot....see the rail in the background...that's one of two inside tubs.

From the tubs looking back at the in any onsen, each person has their own stool, faucet, shower head...but also soap etc.

There is also an outside tub/in the midst of a pond, you soak in the circle part of the tub. 

It was magical when it lit up.

We enjoyed our visit. It was cold and rainy - but I was warm and content in the tub. On the other side of the wall you see about mid-way on the left in the photo is the men's side. I did happen to look up and note that there are dining rooms and hotel rooms that seem to overlook the onsen....this gave me new insight into how Bathsheba could have POSSIBLY taken a bath and been seen from the roof without being aware. ::snort::

The Onsen is in the basement of the hotel. It is HUGE and full of shops, concert stages and massage areas. There really WAS a lot of hotel guests wandering the halls in their onsen attire.

This was twice the price of my "every day onsen" - at Y700 (a bit more than $7) but it was SOOO worth it. The sign seemed to be saying that some days of the month are Y500 yen...but we couldn't confirm that.

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...