Sunday, May 31, 2020

May Snippets

 Blogging here in August 2022 and realizing I am going to have a few photos I want to keep, but I don't need to write a ton about each of them...thus...snippets. 

These four take their Bocce Ball matches very seriously. 

Jamin, Michael, Josiah, Krista 

Michael plans to build a frame around these two boxes, cover it with plastic and have a greenhouse to replace the one that blew away last winter. 

Seedlings - I spend much time moving them  in and out....trying to keep them growing until it's warm enough to plant them outside. 

Burning stumps takes a lot of time. 

Springtime in Alaska - the snow IS melting. 

With so many businesses closed and folks not going anywhere - WALKING has been a big part of this spring. 

Alex is helping Michael make the frame for the greenhouse they are building. 

Honey doesn't feel well, and Benny is doing all he can to make her better. 

It's taking shape. Dad is out there too! 

Next, they covered it with chicken wire.

Stacia and I on a morning walk. 

The first time Sophia's was open after the shut down. YAY! 

More burning of weeds...didn't really work. LOL 

The neighbor has purchased a cow. 

Stacia continues to bake cakes. 

Krista spent time in quarantine sewing masks and quilts. Benny likes to help. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Play Date at Our Place

Bre and the kids came to play at our house this afternoon. We hid rocks and they were quick to find them.  
Gideon - 3 

Bella - 4 

Annie - 16 months

Bre is due in November...about 5 months? 


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Arielle Turns 23

 Arielle and Benny dropped by this afternoon. Today's is Arielle's 23rd birthday. 

We had an impromptu celebration. 

Uncle Nolan and Benny 

Krista, Nolan, Alex, Arielle, Benny 

One of the rocks Stacia and I painted was for the new Baby S. 

We planted this rock for Benny to find. It says "Bachan loves Benny." 

Grandpa in the garden 

Friday, May 22, 2020

Park Day

Stacia & Krista

Go, Benny!


Thursday, May 21, 2020

Study, Walks and Seeds

The restaurants are still closed to dining in and so Stacia and I went through the drive up window of our favorite cafe. We took our food up to a trailhead, had study in the car, and then got a walk in too. 

We continue to make do with any light we can find our our seedlings....they are everywhere...but they are growing. 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Benny's Letter

Benny has been painstakingly working on a letter to G Dog (Dad). 

When I visited, he was SURE he was hidden! LOL 


Sunday, May 17, 2020

Another Day in the Garden

The hens are laying well. 

Stacia and I painted a bunch of rocks. 

Found a bird's nest on the ground. We are trying to protect it until they hatch. 

Our make-shift row covers....the sides from the greenhouse which blew apart. 

Woohoo! Another garden bed set in place. 

I so appreciate all the muscle and help in leveling ground, sifting soil, making beds....

Spreading carpet... LOL 

Burning weeds...didn't really work. 

Such sweet rest after a hard day of work. 

 Growing well under the plastic.