Thursday, May 01, 2008

Photobucket "Do Your Research"

Mike has trained us all well. We have heard the above phrase often. When any of us need to make a decision, want to buy something new, whatever...we know....before we'll get much committment from Mike in the way of an opinion we must "do our research".

I've not been happy with a few things about the base gym. I got over the intimidation factor. I mean so THEY are young and buff...I used to be....and if I let THEM intimidate me I'll never get off the couch. ::snort:: I have been happy to see that I CAN be committed enough to MAKE a work out happen at a seemed impossible in Jan. Mike has been incredibly supportive - almost a slave driver really - it seems that he really wants me to grow old with him. LOL

The things I did NOT like at the base gym are:
1. I cannot go EARLY in the a.m. because it is FULL at that time with all the active duty members and you can't find a machine or weights to use.

2. It's a 25 min drive - so takes 50 min out of my day each day just to drive to the gym and then at least 60 mins of cardio - two hours 5 - 6 days a week - time that has to come after 8:30 - prime schooling time.

3. It is costing us lots of gas $ as gas has risen $1 since I began tracking it.....

I did my research. I got passes from all the local gyms and tried them all (except Gold's and the YMCA). I know which ones I like to work out in and why. I've tried their machines. I've talked with their directors. I've made a chart. I know many of you laughed about my Cholesterol meds chart when I needed to have some peace with that decision...but for me THIS is part of doing my research, of making a decision. It really doesn't take much time and things clear up when they are listed out. Just in case you can't believe this entry - click HERE to see my chart. ::Snort:: Keep in mind - this is using MY distance, MY gas mileage, My military discount prices et al. No, this did NOT take me a lot of time. I'm a master chart maker/list composer. LOL

It will SAVE us money for me not to use the free gym and use the one close to us. This will reduce our gas budget significantly and increase the misc a tad...but not really as the gas $ was sucking the misc category anyway. ::snort:: We will be able to get a family membership which will have the added beneift of an indoor pool for all....and a basketball court to teach the littles some basics. The Y would be the same thing and the membership would be $10 cheaper I think....but it's on the other side of town - it would cost the same for gas as I currently pay to go to the base. did the research, showed Mike the chart when I dropped off Jared, and tomorrow I'll go sign us up for a family membership to Community. I would have done it tonight...but I want to get a wheat sock , drink a quart of water, and rest my head.


Photobucket THURSDAY -

I woke up with a nagging headache instead of a raging migraine. This is good...

I tried out another gym today - Community. Guess what? The littles drama teacher works there! She is FRIENDLY.....which I wasn't impressed with the staff here earlier in my adventure. Angela answered my questions AND quoted me a better deal. I've decided that's a long enough story to be it's own post. LOL

I attended the monthly Parish Advisory Committee meeting today. My head began to throb during the meeting......lots of transition at the chapel just now. Chaplains deploying, moving, new ones coming in, services changing times, wonder I've not seen Mike at all lately. ::snort::

I ran the boys to HoF. Roy and Pattie (y?) came by to pick up canoes for the weekend. I picked up boys, ran up to meet Mike, dropped Jared at Civil Air Patrol, came home and found out Jamin was being called in to work AFTER ALL.....Mike won't be home for a couple more hours.....
I'm home alone with a oh 7 or 8 migraine and don't want to take the big drugs when there are no big kids home. They make me loopy - but I'm starting to enjoy being loopy. ::snort::

Just say no to drugs - blog instead.....

Jared got his first rejection letter from an online magazine today...bummer! BUT I'm proud of him for trying and *I* like his story. (photos taken FIRST thing in the a.m.)
Jamin found out that one of his stories was a winner in a contest...but I can't remember at this point which one....I'll ask him tomorrow.....
Then he found out that another story was rejected by the same online editor that rejected Jared. I think the man has something against homeschooled youth with German last names. ::snort::

Josiah got his English paper back yesterday. The prof is known for being tough - but he has enjoyed her class. Writing is not his strong point....but he's enjoyed the challenge. She said that two students made A's on their papers. Josiah made an A on his paper on FDR. This dead week - which I suspect is good because he has had to pick up shifts from several others this week at work. Next week is finals and he is DONE with his freshman year of college.....

I took advantage of Hands and Hearts Subscriber Sale and ordered my history kits for next year at 15% off. A local friend ordered the Early American kit too, so we were able to get free shipping.