Monday, July 11, 2022

Gender Reveal and More

 I don't think we could have fit one more bit of fun into this day, playing with grands, hiking, company and a gender reveal!!

 I got up early and went to BreZaak's. Bre had an important appointment today....the one where they tell you the gender of your baby if you so desire. The other's slept and got their morning going....and I played with kids. 

Arielle and the boys joined us at home and we all headed over to Refelection Lake. We knew this would be an easy walk.  

A word about Dad - he had a rough June and July. He wouldn't leave the house, wasn't making calls, slept 20 hours a day, wasn't attending church, had lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks, blood pressure was out of control, his heart is enlarged, and he was simply failing. We took him out this afternoon - in the back of my mind was the fact it may be his last family outing. He was a good sport - but clearly tired anot not  100% happy to be out.  

Danny was happy to sleep with GG at the trailhead. 

Benny and the Aunties

Of course, we took some time for reflection. Unfortunately, we did not present a ring to Maria

We climbed to the top of the observation tower.  I asked Benny what he thought about the height. He shared some words of wisdom, "Sometimes I'm afraid, and then I just do it and I'm not afraid anymore." 

Kent, Maria, Benny, Michael, Allie, Stacia

After a quick dinner we met the rest of the family over at BreZaak's. Is the 5th Baby D going to be a girl or boy? The tension mounts...bets are made.... Team PINK...another little girl!  SHE will be the tie-breaker in their family...3 girls and 2 boys. 

Michael - surrounded by grand kids...chasing, tickling, picking them up...and I can't help remembering Dad like this with his grands...

Jamin's hybrid car gave up the ghost. He is in the process of buying a home and didn't want to take out a loan for another car - so he found this BMW used. 

Krista, still photo-bombing her brothers! ::snort::