Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Eagle Has Landed

He boarded a plane in San Angelo and flew to Dallas, TX. USUALLY we book direct from Tokyo to Dallas....nice flight...but SATO booked him to fly from Dallas to Atlanta....then from Atlanta to Tokyo....and because he arrived too late to catch the last flight to Misawa.

The plan in Tokyo was for him to get on the "airport limousine" and shuttle across Tokyo to the domestic airport. He eventually did just that - first he got on the wrong bus and visited some new scenery.  Yes, traveling adventures appear to be genetic.

We were all at the airport to meet his 0855 flight....it was foggy...we still hoped...the plane approached, circled and left three times. Then headed back to Tokyo.  They tried it again this afternoon. Jared says the fog was WORSE but this time they landed...and we are happy. Something similar happened when Josiah and Jamin came home for Christmas one year...snow storm....they had to take a train home. I've OFTEN had flights to or from Misawa canceled due to fog, storm, or snow storm. This adds another "Counting our Joys on the way to Beale" - it should be much easier for the kids to fly in and out of Sacramento  LOL

Seen through the glass....


The kids have been so excited for Jared to arrive

I am too! 
We took Michael back to work. Tonight Stacia will got o AWANA, Arielle will go to youth group, and the rest of us will go out to dinner and catch up. We've enjoyed a couple of hours of catching up here at the house.

Yuuki seems to remember Jared. She doesn't compulsively lick any of us any longer...but she set to giving Jared a bath...and he could use one come to think of it. ::grin::

Choosing Joy!
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