Monday, July 30, 2007

A familiar - if rowdy - sight....

I've been asked to bring back the "quote of the day" feature. We've been having a LOT of "if a man" quotes. I can't share many of them if I want to keep an "R" rating on the blog. LOL

Here we go: quote of the day: "If a man wants to fold a towel he'll do it the way he wants to" - translates to a ball instead of 1/3's. Mike informed the "young man" that while he's living here he'll fold it the way "a woman" wants it folded. ::snort::

I made 10 phone calls today. That's a great thing for me to have accomplished - because I'm no good on the phone.

Lunch with Heather - thanks Heather, I had a lot of fun.

Back home and two more calls.

Got a Shop Natural Co-op split email out.

The boys filled out student profiles for Worldview Academy.

Jamin filled out the application for Parent Led Driver's Ed.

I talked with Krista - what fun! I love those girls! Zander has been saying all day that we need to go get BreAnne and Krista! My two sister friends both had their children leave home this's son joined the Marines and the other's daughter got married.....Wow - where has time gone? Funny how these babies keep aging and *I* still look 29...give or take a few years! ::snort::

Josiah took Jamin to work.

I cooked dinner: Salmon, chicken, steamed veggies, salad, fruit platter

We tried to go swimming but it kept thundering off and on all day.....and I smiled all day thinking of Becky's news!!! I'm going to call you - and you KNOW that means I'm excited!
Sunday Scenes

Too busy for details....

Stacia is our dumpster diver....I've yet to catch a photo of her in action....but she obviously considers the garbage can to be her personal buffet. I have to REALLY watch her.....she WAS grabbing lettuce out to eat....I ran for the camera, returned, and she was peeling a carrot......I did NOT use this carrot in the salad that I took to the potluck....and the lettuce is in the trash because the garage fridge FROZE IT!ARGH.
Mike (rt) and Marty are chaplains....Mandy is well....a chaplain's spouse! ::snort::
Stacia during worship
More photos to follow if permission to post minor's photos is given. LOL
*The Alpine Scandal* by Mary Daheim
This is another Emma Lord mystery. I began this series years ago and am now committed to read each new book that comes out. Emma is not my favorite character. I don't like her morals....that said however, there are no graphic details about her escapades in the books.....just illusions.
I do like the setting of NW WA in these books. I do love Vida. What I'd really like to find is a GREAT mystery series (not suspense) written by Christian authors.....great plot lines, wacky characters, good morals....any ideas?
I really prefer Daheim's Bed and Breakfast series - all main characters are married, they are fun and wacky, I like the cousin/family relationships.....and I just realized that there is a newly released book in THAT series too. Hmmm....I should check and see what's up at the Penn Dutch Inn too.....Ah man....keeping up with these older series while reading newer series is certainly a challenge. ::snort::