Tuesday, June 15, 2021

An Afternoon at Grandma Baachan and Papa's

Any day which begins with 9 lbs of crunchy peanut butter, and ends with grilled salmon,  has great potential. Do you agree?  This was surprisingly easy to mix up, my phone did NOT end up submerged in said nut butter, we filled a pint jar and the rest is in the downstairs fridge. LOL  I ordered 9 lbs of CREAMY peanut butter on my next Azure Order. 

Those apple slices (plated) demand
peanut butter

So yummy!

Today was another glorious spring/summer day! I spent a good portion of the day moving the tractor sprinkler, trying to get some water on most parts of the yard. 

Bre  mentioned Bella was interested in gardening. I am obviously THRILLED to cultivate this interest. I've offered my space for community gardening. LOL  They stopped by today armed with their garden gloves.... Gideon decided he'd rather mind the water supply than play in the dirt. Annie is such a good sport! 

Bella was happy to water the sad little plants. 

She  moved compost into the bed - then  dug a hole and planted seeds. 

Carrots, radishes and one green onion - the start of the kids' garden. 

Stacia was happy to listen to her book and work on a couple of inside chores today - rather than gardening. Allie is fighting a stomach bug and rested most the day.  Stacia juiced a case of lemons - some frozen in cube trays for veggies and such and the rest into bags ready to make fresh lemonade this summer. 

She also baked up some cookies for a bit of a snack with the kids. It isn't ALL work when you visit Grandma Baachan. 

In fact there IS a lot of play amidst the work....fun on the trampoline...we need to replace this soon - or replace the top. I need to research and see if it's worth it to replace the top. 



...and of course playing in the sprinkler. We need to get a kid-friendly sprinkler or wading pool for the yard. 

Michael ended the day by trimming around the perimeter of the garden space. The next step is to repair wire and turn on the electric fence. Those moose will soon discover our tender plants if we don't take precautions now. 

Are you familiar with the Tim Hawkins song, "I'll clean up for you?" Michael rocks  - this is even better. "I'll trim up for you!" - that's what love means to me.