Thursday, January 10, 2019

"That was Fun!"

"That was fun!"

My heart is full. We've been on a 2 week break from the Life Group which meets in our home. Rose is still traveling, but everyone else was here. The discussion was convicting and challenging - Luke 14:25-35. What does it mean to be a disciple? What does it mean to count the cost? How do we count the cost of being a disciple? What's a disciple? Is being a disciple different from being a believer?  We've been admonished, by Michael, to "leave it on the back burner," until we study a few more parables.

Not our life group - photo via google photos

It was fun to listen to the conversations after the discussion time, and to consume Brenda's YUMMY blueberry scones. Stacia asked if we can get the recipe - great minds think alike.

Not Brenda's scone - but her's looked even better
Photo via google photos
Life Group - sixteen folks ranging from 13 - 80's.....and the youngest commented, "That was fun." This is church community at it's best. Relationships forming across generational lines. Newcomers to church, building relationships with "old-timers." College-age men connecting and making plans to get together. It didn't happen over night, it's been a year. For the first five - six months it was just us and one other couple.  It's a joy to see how God is forming us....and it's a reminder to enjoy it fully present. Life Groups will ebb and flow...splitting will happen (the week with 21 was full for our house - we couldn't sustain much more than that long term)...people will move (though not so frequently as they did in a military chapel)...but for this season, God has called us to do life together...and it IS fun.