Monday, April 15, 2024

One Monday Follows Another

One Monday follows's been nearly six months and...I have no words this evening. We miss Josiah. Here is a photo from April 15, 2023. I miss watching him with his girls! 

I spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone today.  

I also paid our bills. 

Michael and Dad left sometime in here to run an errand to Lowes and then meet up with Nolan, Jamin and Krista for dinner in town. 

My Costco buddy showed up to drive to Anchorage with me.  She talked me into the membership and our plan was to drive up once a month after church/ changed, and we've not done this since I first got the membership. It was fun to have someone to chat with on the way to Anchorage...I managed to find over $500 worth of groceries to buy...but alack and alas they no longer have 50 lbs of BREAD FLOUR!!!! I cannot keep buying it in the 5 lb bags...I'm going through a lot of it and they are charging $8-10 per bag in town. Jenni, my Costco buddy, and I were so busy talking I forgot to stage any of the fun Costco photos I had planned. 

I did take this photo after I had put 1/2 the groceries away. 

The girls got home from their evening class....

I'm ready to settle in with a good book for the night. 


1. Jenni. 

2. Those in our community who have stuck with us for twenty-four weeks. 

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