Sunday, March 15, 2020

Grandpa and Cory Get Older

(I am writing this on Tuesday and am surprised already at how fast things keep changing in regards to Covid-19.)

Today (Sunday) G Dog turns 79. Cory turned 27 on Friday, the 13th.  We planned a dinner/dessert time at our house for this evening. 

Talk of self-distancing ratcheted up this weekend. Other states are imposing restrictions on the size of gatherings. Alaska isn't, yet...but Borough buildings and schools will be closed.  We know Dad is high risk and he has been staying at home. We are disinfecting often.  

We decided to go ahead with our birthday plans. Dad has been isolated all week and is always thrilled when family visits. He loves visiting with his grandkids - but really gets a kick out of the great grandkids. 

Benny flung the door open and said, "Hello!!!" and then brought GG the card he had made for him. 
Benny & GG

As the afternoon went on, Benny came to me and said, "I Looove us." I told him I love us too. ::grin::

Dad wears the old Party Animal hat. 
Michael, Benny, Josiah and GG
Y'all treat the employees at grocery stores NICE. They are tired. They are facing the same stress you are, and are working in the stress as well. We were thrilled to have Cory join us.  
Benny & Cory
 Stacia played Sonatina by Clementi for Grandpa. She did a great job. I think she may have gone further than any of the others in their lessons. Michael says she's about ready for him to have to pass her off to another teacher.

Benny was the gift and card runner. Here he has barricaded GG. 

Michael made an oak fishing pole holder for Cory. 

And this, THIS, is not social distancing. This happened before I had time to stop it..I guess the germs are shared now.
GG and Cory
We enjoyed visiting and catching up with each other. We discussed news and heard that the CDC had recommended no groups over 50 meet. We knew that meant some upcoming changes.