Sunday, March 31, 2024

All the Adorable Easter Photos

We spent this Easter Sunday at home. We DID celebrate Easter and we DID attend both a Good Friday and an Easter service. Our church suspected we'd be very full - and we were. There were over 3300 people who attended the seven services (Five on Sunday and Two on Satuday). The Sunday services were predicted to be very full, and Pastor Brian asked those who regularly attend on Sunday to come on Saturday. We did.  This helped with the space issues so others could attend Easter Sunday...104 decisions for Jesus and 69 baptisms. Every number is a story! Imagine it!!! Imagine the celebration in heaven! I know they must have had a big party in heaven and our boy was right there in the middle to celebrate! Imagine...if this is one church in Alaska, how the angels must have been rejoicing as believers around the world celebrated Jesus' victory over death and sin, and the pathway to relationship with God Jesus created that day.  It was o.k. to go on Saturday instead of Sunday. 

The following are fun pictures the girls texted to me of their celebrations....Enjoy. You're welcome! LOL

Bre and Izaak's Gang! Note they all have their OWN color of egg to find! Genius! 
Bella, Gideon, Annie, Jojo, Trudy

This is Olivia's first Easter. This photo is included as this year - Josi wore Olivia's first Easter Dress. 


Jojo (Josiah)




Noah celebrated his second Easter with Jared and Larissa! Check out his super handsome spring cut. 

For Sweet Carrie, more than any of us, this year looked different. What a difference a year can make! 
Easter 2023 - Oliva, Josiah and Carrie

Easter 2024 - Livie, Carrie & Josi

I will write a post about our Easter Sunday - but I thought I'd get all these fun photos posted Easter. 

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