Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jet Lag Gherkin Style

Six Gherkins working through jet lag makes coming up with a daily plan IMPOSSIBLE! I find it funny we seem to hit "the wall" at different times.  We've only been here 2 days - it will take a bit of time. I always forget how hard jet lag hits traveling THIS way.

Tuesday night, Zander was READY to find his new home - check out his suitcase. Four years ago, when our luggage was stolen, Armeda Dukes gave him this suitcase. He refuses to let us upgrade to lighter model. ::snort:: 

The flip flops are looking as rough as we are. LOL 

The first morning in OR - the girls were up early and the guys couldn't budge. That's not true...they woke up, had breakfast, and went back to bed until noon. We woke up at 1000 ready to explore. We headed to a mall nearby to pick up a few essentials.....

Culture shock - one WHOLE ROLE OF DENTAL OPTIONS!  We only wanted a simple toothbrush. ::snort::

The noise also overwhelmed me. Breanne points out  Japanese malls are MUCH louder with music blaring and lots of activity. I didn't understand all the conversations and announcements in a Japanese mall. Hearing all the conversations around me in restaurants and stores is tiring. LOL

THIS was a pleasant surprise. Produce in Target - and .24 a lb for bananas...we've paid 1.09 - 1.19+ a lb for bananas the past four years. Stacia was thrilled to find peaches too - though they aren't ripe yet. ::sigh:: Just a bit longer, baby girl.

I suppose Arielle's nerves of steel deserve a shout out. Driving a 15 passenger van on WIDE American roads after four years of small cars and small roads is an adjustment. Stacia reports, "Mom drives the van like a roller coaster." Michael hasn't seemed to master the skill to my level of expertise. I was being VERY careful.....I promptly changed gears when I tried to put on my turn signal....and then well....several times Arielle calmly said, "Little to the right, Mom." Yeah.....I found myself carefully driving in the left lane several times....and that is not the thing to do in Oregon. Watch out for the big red van.

Back at Grandma and Grandpa's Arielle is reunited with Yuuki...yes....the sleeping habit made the trip across the date line. Jet lag is a good excuse for a few more days.

We've spent the past couple of days reconnecting with family. We've not seen Nate and Heather for four years.  Heather teaches at International schools. They've been in China and Turkmenistan while we've been in Japan. We have seen Mikhail, their son, a couple of times on trips back to the states. Their daughter, Nadia,  has graduated and is relocating to America. It's been fun to spend some time with her.

Mom and Dad are the hub of family life and are watching Yuuki for us while we are here. We've enjoyed sitting in their shady back yard and watching the fish in their pond - a touch of Japan right here in OR.

We went by and saw Will and Sherri and their son Andrew  (and Harmony) this afternoon. Looking forward to catching up with Amy and Matthew in the next day as well.

We've tried to touch base with Rebecca, Michael's sister, and Mom Mary - but have only succeeded in leaving  messages at this point. Mom Mary is driving up for the anniversary party and should be getting in any day.

There is a lot of activity preparing for Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary Reception/Party - which will be Saturday. Above is a picture of them in front of the barn where they had their first date - a barn dance. Their anniversary was in November and they wanted to wait until this summer to have a party, so  all of us kids and grand kids could be travel, employment and college schedules made it impossible for us all to be here on 17 November.

Michael and crew got our RV (aka The Caboose) out of the storage. It had been broken into and mice had partied this winter (ugh)...but all is ready now for our trip down to CA.

Will suggested a fun park for us to explore and we spent about an hour relaxing, grabbed dinner and then Michael hit "the wall." The boys will get in tonight but we simply can't drive across town in the state we're in....Michael went to bed. The rest of us watched Stacia and Zander swim in the cool night air. My hope was the pool would help them get to sleep at a more decent hour. We seem to hit a wall at around 8 p.m. and if we don't go to bed (which we mostly don't) we get a second wind and can't sleep until 0300 - 0400.
Michael and Bre


Nadia, Zander, spare child, Krista, Arielle, Nolan 

Michael shakes Krista and Nadia
 The three "boys" from TX will arrive tonight
Dad, mom, Bre Arielle, Nolan, Krista, Zander, Michael and Stacia in front

Choosing Joy!
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