Sunday, September 12, 2021

Thinning Beets

 I have been wanting to get Fireweed growing on our property, but haven't been sure how to start it. This lone plant has shown up in my garden. I left it. I find it to be a bit of beauty in the midst of more purposeful plants.  I plan to note when it snows at OUR PLACE and see if this little plant is a good predictor of snow for our address. They say six weeks after it seeds. 

Today's garden project is to tame my two beet beds. I had lots of seedlings and not much space. I need to get over my distaste of thinning plants. 

The beds are thinned. It's Sept 12th, I am hoping against hope there is time to produce some beets to can this year. I am not sure what is going on this year...probably something to do with my late planting and all the rain this year...but I have had lots of green, but not much to preserve. 

I gave the discarded plants to the chickens and rabbit. They loved it. Many pointed out to me on Facebook we could eat them ourselves. Who knew? I'm a total newbie to food production.

These girls have a long winter ahead of them. I don't mind giving them some extra nutritious greens this fall.