Wednesday, October 16, 2019

This and That

Wednesday's are our day to keep Benny at home while Arielle works. We noticed Phoenix was up to his usual tricks. He jumps in and out of the chicken yard all day. We couldn't help but open the door and point out to him that his girls were all on the other side of the fence. 

He seemed to watch us with disdain as we continued to tease him. "How are you going to protect them from THIS side of the fence, Phoenix?" 

He stretched big and let loose with an "Uncle EARL" loud enough to scare off any predator in a mile range. LOL  Uncle Earl is what his crow sounds like to us. It makes us smile. 

This afternoon Bre and the kids came by for a quick visit.  I was far too focused on grands....and fixing dinner so the olders could make it to youth remember to take photos. It was a fun visit.

We had rice bowls for dinner and headed to town for church.  Alex drove and after the drop off at church I spent 2 glorious hours of SILENCE in the library. Self-care.  We came home and discovered the first fire of the year. It's time to start burning when the furnace kicks on repeatedly in a day.

Michael is the master of the fire. 

Please note, while there is frost in the a.m., bare trees and falling temps...there is still NO SNOW ON THE GROUND and therefore it IS STILL FALL!!!!

I hesitate to share this. I know weight loss can be polarizing. I was stuck at a 22 lb weight loss for 10 long weeks. While the world screams,  "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results," or "Nothing changes if nothing changes," 10 weeks is a long time to hold the line. ::snort:: I KNEW I was doing what my doctor wanted me to do, I was working out, gardening, hiking, bike riding, eating clean, watching portions, establishing a healthier lifestyle with no sugar and very few refined carbs....eventually....a couple of weeks ago I began losing again. I'm now less than I was when Michael retired...nearly back to my BreZaak Wedding weight (Passed JaRissa and CoRielle wedding weight weeks back)....I'm less than a lb away from a 30 lbs loss....half way to goal...and this came in the mail today! A nice little charm for my key ring.

My loss is  slow...but I consul myself with the thought that the loss is  sustainable as the focus really IS on making choices which are resulting in long term health....and which I can maintain for a lifetime. For me it's become fairly clear and simple: I can track food for a lifetime or I can track blood sugars and insulin for a lifetime. Tracking food isn't too much of a hassle. ::wink::  I went off the sugar wagon pretty heavily in Aug/Sept so I'm hoping my A1C hasn't gone back up....of course the A1C only measures 3 months at a time, so I'll likely be fine by the testing date in December.  There you have it - I belong to the Turtle Club of weight loss...slow and steady wins the race. ::snort::

No - I don't go to Weight Watcher meetings. I'm already committed to 3 nights of activity a week and we are fighting for margin in our schedule. If I could go to a daytime meeting- I would consider it.  I DO use the WW ap and have found it to be full of helpful tips, tools and such.