Monday, June 09, 2008


I survived a 65 min workout.

We called Bre and sang happy birthday to her. In fact I got to talk to her TWICE today.

Stacia decided it was time to do THIS....I don't know what she is doing. She found me and said, "K - let's go Mom". Swimsuit, church shoes (wrong feet), granny glasses....she was dancing.


We did school.

I kept working on United stuff. I'll finish that up tomorrow and it will be nearly done for another month.

Sheri came over so that I could demonstrate how to bake bread. We also went online to see how much CM 12 x 12 prints would be when you add in shipping and taxes. I called the local stores and have a few more to try sometime tomorrow. Also on the "scrapping front", Cindy, a friend I met in MT, offered to have me email her a few pages. She's going to have them printed at Costco so that I can see if I like them, if I like glossy or matte better, what size the photos turn out - because they will be bigger than they are on my small screen.....all that sort of stuff.

These kids wanted to learn a new game, rather than bake bread. LOL I bought Settlers of Catan at Christmas and they are finally getting around to figuring it out. LOL
Unfortunately, Stacia had a long nap while we baked bread.


Jared had his for lawn job the season. YES. He had done work for these folks before and was thrilled to be called back this year.


After mowing, Jared jumped in the pool. Things are a bit rowdier when the big boys arrive.



I ran out the to visit Mike and discuss the day's events.

Josiah signed the papers on an apartment, but I wasn't allowed to go with him to take photos. ARGH. I guess it had to happen at some point. I do have his first day of college photos. ::snort::

Now, I'm waiting for Stacia to fall asleep. She's beside me watching Tweety Bird...and I'm computing in bed. LOL



When did I get old enough for my firstest baby to be 23????


Bre isn't flying to Trinidad on her birthday but will leaving the end of this week for a trip to Boston. They'll visit historical sites, learn about Christian foundations of the founders, pray at various places and end up in DC. Josiah will join her for this trip.

Bre is on staff at Master's Commission and is planning to do an internship at a crisis pregnancy center this fall.


P.S. I suspected last week with Krista's birthday and have confirmed it today with Bre's birthday - you never get to really enjoy being out of touch on fun days witih big children. LOL

Moms of Many Exercise Challenge Weekly Fitness Goals (click button for more info)

Weekly Goal - 300 Minutes (60 minutes most days)
Total Weekly Minutes - 305 minutes

Annual Goal - 11,700 minutes
Minutes to Date - 5,622 minutes

It isn't pretty but I made my weekly goal of 300 minutes of exercise. LOL I need to figure out how to get weights worked in consistently - because I know they are important. I also know with MY metabolism I must do 60 min of cardio a day and that is my priority right now....but I'll keep tweaking.

I did loose another lb this week - I weigh on wed and am already down a pound. That is good. Maybe I'm back on the lb a week plan? It only took 4 1/2 months of working out for it to begin to work. LOL To think I used to eat HUGE SHAKES when pregnant to gain any weight. LOL

Monday - 60 Minutes (30 min ARC, 30 min bike)

Tuesday - 75 Minutes (bike finished Fatal Deduction, 15 min pool jogging)

Wednesday - 75 Minutes (40 min elliptical, 20 min bike, 15 min upper body weights)

Thursday - 15 minutes (pool exercises)

Friday - 50 minutes (20 min ARC, 30 min bike)

Sunday - 30 minutes (pool - 4 main walking move from Leslie, leg raises and such - yeah I'm a blast in the pool ::snort:: )

To read accounts from more participants - click here. To join us, click the icon above.....