Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adult Gherkin Update

Woot! Fantastic Skype with  Krista this a.m. It seems an appropriate time for an "adult Gherkin" update. 

I can't tell it as well Krista - but - she's been hired at the local school district....she starts Monday - makes $2+ more an hour, more hours AND full benefits.  She'll be a one on one aide for an elementary school student. She is very excited. We are too. 

She had interviewed previously with the school district. Several with teaching degrees applied. The head of the district's special ed called her Friday a.m. while she was subbing at another school. He told her he'd just listed another position and asked if she was interested and if she could at least work for two weeks as a sub. while they interviewed for the position. She agreed....but told him the hours she works at the college library.  She got another call asking her to go get a pre-employment drug test. She thought that a bit odd to substitute. She's been subbing for a year and not been asked for a drug test. When she was there they told her she needed a physical too. Hmmm..... curious-er and curious-er.

Then she was sent to HR and given paperwork and a badge. She asked if the badge was for subbing. They said she could use it for anything...but then they kept handing her more paperwork. She finally asked, "Have I been hired?"  

"Oh, did we forget to tell you?"  ::snort:: They decided since she'd interviewed before, they need someone NOW for this transfer student and she was a good fit. 

God has graciously taught Krista to be content and happy where He placed her...but now he's moved her on......She will work for the school district and continue to be the Children's Pastor at Lively Stone Fellowship. Here she is in VBS garb  - authentic from Afghanistan. 

BREANNE has been able to quit her job at Taco Bell  this month and go full time as the Children's Pastor at Calvary Open Bible. I know it was hard for the girls to continue in "burger flippin" jobs after college...but God has used that time for His kingdom, they went through college debt free,  are moving on.  

Bre loves her job as a children's pastor, where she gets to rope her grandparents into joining the fun...

And transform sanctuary's in OR to Babylonian Gardens

Josiah was invited back to work at Chick Fil A - better hours, more pay....he'd worked at the bank a bit over 6 months. He realized he really doesn't LIKE an admin job and it would bore him to death. He's back at Chick Fil A - the plan is for him to pursue owning in a few years...he's happy, making more money, enjoys the challenge of people a bit more than bank ledgers....Josiah has begun his MBA. 

Shelby continues her studies at ASU.  She has won a National Video contest and  is currently storming the East Coast for the awards ceremony. 

Astute readers should be wondering when we added a Shelby to our line up. ::wink:: I am authorized to share  Josiah and Shelby are dating. She's a doll and we enjoyed meeting her at his graduation from ASU last December.  

Jamin has started his Junior/Senior year. This is a frightening photo of Jared's first day of college....

Jamin had the best team time at the first race of the year.  I  wish the college would figure out how to give a walk on athlete financial aid. He may have to cut back on running as he has to WORK to pay for college. LOL  He's still enjoying Olive Garden.

Jared has begun his Freshman year. He's bought a car, received his household goods and is settling into life. He has been selected to serve on the student Senate at ASU and is working at Olive Garden. 

*Note Jared insists the movers UNMADE his bed when they  delivered his household goods.  *I've* never seen this in all our military moves... ::snort:: 

Random photos I snatched from Facebook and want on the blog so they get printed. LOL 
Brother Nate and family visited the boys in TX  this summer

Sisters....Sisters...Lord Help the Mister....

Jamin and Cody - Josiah's Dog

Jamin never DID learn to walk - has been running since before he was 1

Stinkin Cute! 

Krista's been working out and impresses us with her strength

Krista (middle) with friends on the OR Coast

Choosing Joy!
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