Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Stacia's New Dress & Mom Update

Stacia took her material and pattern, as well as a cookie cookbook on our trip.  Lorri and Stacia spent a day putting together her dress. 

 And, here is the finished product! 

Mom was still aware of who we are today. She was agitated and determined not to eat. We aren't forcing her to eat. Her pain is still not 100% controlled - even with all the meds. Though I didn't realize it - this was to be the last day that I got the "stink eye" from Mom, or her wry, "Just try to make me look."  She did NOT want to eat - not pudding nor even ice cream. The one mouthful she did eat - she spit out; forcefully. 

At this point mom kept trying to get out of bed.  Throughout the day we sat with her and blocked her exit. She would take hours scooting down so she could attempt a getaway. At one point she got clear to the end and looked at Will and I and said, "SO THERE!" The nurse wanted me to sleep, and so she and Dad took over watching mom. Mom scooted to the end of the bed and went over the end....Mom has always had a fighting spirit - and she kept it to the end.