Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Highlights of My Tuesday

Hmmm....how do you top fruit flies???? ::snort::

Kim, a friend, dropped by with THESE for me. I've been looking over a year for whole wheat lasagna noodles. I'm also looking for whole wheat manicotti or big shells. If any of you find some do let me know. We LOVE manicotti and lasagna and I limit those meals now as I can't find good tasting 100% wheat noodles. These were at HEB. They are 100% durum whole wheat. I think I remember Becky saying that was just another kind of wheat. Durum semolina is often processed....at least that is what I THINK I remember.
Tonight was Bible Study again. That's a highlight. We are about to begin having "project nights" once a month on base. Everyone will bring THEIR project (albums, quilts etc) and we'll have dinner and work together but separately....we also have a fun lunch/shopping day coming up.
That's it for the day...it's been long and I need to grab some sleep while the sleeping is good.

School Blurbs

We watched a MUS Alpha lesson. I wanted to show the children what I've been telling the children. They are excited. Jared thought that I was showing the level HE would be in and had a strange look on his face. I explained this was the FIRST level and he said, "Man, he isn't joking when he says math doesn't have to be hard!" ::snort:: After looking at the books and watching several lessons, I'm not sure I'm going to get Alpha for the younger ones after all. They ACED the competency test. The only reason I was going to get them for them is because they were slow.... Tricia, a local friend, suggested I spend the time now and through the summer working on drills and flashcards and then start them in the level that they test out at.

I found this book at the library to add to our study of the Civil Rights Movement. *The School is Not White* by Doreen Rappaport. It was good. The illustrations by Curtis James are wonderful. This little book tells the story of Mae Bertha and Matthew Carter who wanted their children to attend integrated schools. The law had been passed 11 years earlier, but in reality no black children were attending the "white" schools. The courage of these parents and children were awe-inspiring. I found the illustration and page about Mae Bertha going to her bed and praying all day the day her children went to school especially touching. It brought the struggles home. The story is told well. There are not a lot of "all, none, any" type statements. They do tell how the family lost their home and job when they wouldn't take the children out of school, and how other groups (black and white) stepped in to help them. I plan to look for *Silver Rights* by Constance Curry. Supposedly, it's an adult book written about the same family. I found the story to be inspiring.

We talked about robber flies and mosquitoes today. Here is a photo of our experiment. We are trying to see if fruit flies will be attracted - they are. We're hoping to catch a house fly and be able to watch it's mouth and how it flies...but so far, nothing but fruit flies.