Friday, February 13, 2015

Road Trip

Yuuki watched the activity this morning and went and placed herself in the van. She knows the routine and was NOT going to be left behind on the first Road Trip of 2015!

 Hwy 20 and Hwy 101 are BEAUTIFUL....torturously winding....but beautiful. Five of us slept thanks to Dramamine......but the glimpses we DID catch were beautiful. The road was too windy for DVDs - sleeping was good.
Napping with Yuuki
We set up camp - Featherstone came out his bag.....Michael weathered the trip fairly well.
Featherstone's Debut
We set up camp. Michael  is stretched out - it was a long drive to make - but we really wanted to touch base with Mom G.  I think I need to buy him another running set.

Dinner in The Caboose
The kids' back bunkhouse has 4 beds.....the girls curtain off their bunks. Stacia will sleep on the table this trip as Krista is joining us and will get her bed.  Krista called and was stuck behind a big accident. Poor thing is going to be tired when she arrives.

Until she arrives we'll play games. I am looking around and thinking what needs to be tweaked to LIVE in this thing. LOL

Power Slap!