Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Day Spent in the Air

I have woefully neglected the blog. There are many reasons... but I've begun to wonder if I can just commit to posting a photo or two from each day on the days I simply don't have time string words together. It's worth a try.

May 16th began at Krista's in Lynchburg, VA. We arrived with  4 suitcases and no checked carry-ons. Alaska Air has a plan for residents of the state - Club 49. One great benefit is that we can fly on AA with two bags free.

We loaded up with Krista's books and clothes....we had 8 suitcases coming home. When I went to check in, I was offered the opportunity to check 3 found and filled carry-ons too.

On the drive to RDU we planned the drive for Michael to meet Krista at the end of her assignment. They'll swing by Oregon and bring our mom's things up. It's nice to have a plan. 

It was a relief to have the bags checked in at Raleigh-Durham and to be on our way. 

Poor Michael was TIRED. I began to wonder if I'd get him on the plane. ::snort:: 

Not to fear  - we all arrived back in Anchorage. Alex did a great job figuring out how to FIT all the extra bags into our van. We were happy it was parked and waiting for us at the airport.

As the day came to an end, we left the airport and headed back to our home in the valley.