Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 8 - Crescent City, CA June 22, 2007

Too tired to load photos tonight and tomorrow will be early. BUT had to post something....

Quote of the day: After throwing up for the first time in her life, Stacia said, "Wow!"

Mike and the children returned home with photos and stories of their night on the beach. They were surprised Stacia was sleeping and I quickly filled them in.

We decided I would try to do some smelly laundry while Mike and the children showered.

Stacia seemed fine. We headed for town. We picnicked at a Kids Town park. We walked on the pier and took lots of photos of my light house. We searched for agates.

My folks arrived. Dad was tired and hurting and went to rest. Mom caught up with us at the beach. We all headed over to Mom and Dad G's. Mike sister, Mary K and her husband John had arrived. Rebecca, Mike's other sister arrived. We had a BBQ.

Home now but need to be up decorating and such photos later.

Thanks for the prayers for Stacia. We suspect bad milk with the fridge problem. Debbie, thank Bri for his comments. All the trailer manuals were inadvertently left home....his comments about the fridge confirm what Mike was thinking.

Stacia just woke up. She threw up in our bed where she and I were cuddling since all else are sleeping snugly on the river beach. ::snort::

Pray this is a ONE time thing and not the flu bug. We cannot have sick ones around Dad G - especially not with tomorrow's shindig.....there is so much to do today and tomorrow with the party tomorrow.....I really need to be able to help, but I really have a thing about leaving sick kids....spending lots of "alone time" with the flu bug going through the camper.