Thursday, December 14, 2023

Christmas Break Has Begun

"Grief is exhausting!" 

I have heard people say the above. Now, I understand. LOL 

WOW - Stacia ILLED this first day of Christmas Break. She had a breakfast study, worked on play props, met a friend in the evening, worked on puzzles with GG, played with nieces and nephews and enjoyed a long soak in the tub, and scheduled other meet ups for the rest of the break. We got a later start for Bible study this a.m. in celebration of her first day of summer break.

We got home just in time for Michael to head to a doctor's appointment. 

At some point in the afternoon, it seemed good to just sit and enjoy a Christmas movie. Which Stacia, GG and I did. We watched our first movie from Great American Pure Flix, Twas the Text Before Christmas...We really enjoyed it. Allie got home from her last final while we were watching and commented that THIS is the Christmas break vibe. 

Allie made 100% on her final final and has officially begun her Christmas Break! Michael and I love school breaks. LOL 

Bre and the kids dropped by...Michael came day. The kids had a traumatic day at the doctor's, and we were happy to provide stress relief. 
Jojo, Gideon, Bella and Papa

Helping GG with his puzzle

Hello, Trudy! 


Shenanigans with Papa. 

Bre needed to run as she was having Jamin over...we had leftovers for dinner. We didn't make one bit of progress on our room makeover...frankly at this point it may be easier to make an igloo in the backyard for Nate and Heather. LOL  We still have time. We wanted to get something on the list done. Michael and I worked on packets of paperwork from the Social Security admin. 

Stacia opted for a long bath when she got in for the night.  GG headed for bed. Allie, Michael and I opted for conversation over TV...though I do believe Allie and I tried a new series that left me sleeping. Oh, yes, some mocumentary on a Christian radio company. 

Christmas Break has begun! 

1. Time to enjoy an afternoon visit with Bre and the kids. 

2. Christmas movies in the middle of the afternoon. 

3. Conversations at night. 

4. Christmas Break from college.