Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spectacular Sunday

We split up. The kids and I headed to Misawa Airport to meet their first flight of the day.

Nolan sees Krista on the other side of the glass...the longest part of the trip!
She's through the door....
and Zander is happy!

We left the airport, stopped by Burger King for breakfast for our weary traveler, and then went on to chapel. We had a fun reunion in Mike's office and then headed for service.

We were going to try San Luis' favorite ramen shop today, but it was packed. We opted for Sukiya. Hmm.....Three of us ordered yakitori. Bre's was chicken - as expected. Krista's was 1/2 fish and 1/2 chicken (with seaweed). Mike was all fish and seaweed. I guess it wasn't BAD...but I was expected chicken. I guess yakitori can mean a variety of things, but the menu did say chicken.

Mike and most the kids headed to buy a futon. Jared and I went to the commissary. We're now at the point where we can't fit in one car.

Josiah and Jamin are flying out of San Angelo tomorrow. Then we'll have three glorious days together before the girls head home.

Bre is home!
Krista is home!
Jamin and Josiah will be home in 2 days

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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