Tuesday, September 15, 2009


No photos - but I'll take a minute to update....because I LOVE that family and friends like to know what we are up to.

School...the only one who HAS to do school would be Jared's math/science...but the younger ones and I are enjoying a bit of structure and routine to our explorations. LOL

PWOC - I met with the PWOC selection committee for a final time. I think we have an exec board for 2009/10 and I'm EXCITED for some sister fellowship, awesome Bible studies and outreach in the upcoming PWOC year. PRAYING we get into the new chapel by Oct.

Drinking from a fire hydrant - Jared and I joined the B family on a drive to Hachinohe to attend Japanese Language school. I enjoyed myself. I really did. However, about 30 min into the class I began to question our plan, which was for Jared and I to attend the class and later teach the others. I talked to the teacher and asked if she'd be willing to teach one on one in our home. I explained that I have a big family and would love for them to all be able to meet her and receive her instruction. She gave me a quote, and while it is far more than attending in Hachinohe, it is cheaper than any of the other tutors I've looked into. She agreed that she would take us places we want to see and teach us language along the way from time to time. We'd be sure to learn Japanese Culture as we hosted her weekly....and I think she liked the idea of having an inside view of an American family. Hachinohe is a 45 - 60 min drive at night during rush hour.... 20 - 30 min home. The class is 6:30 - 8:30. I jealously guard our nights home.....so the private class may work better. It would be during school time. I wouldn't have to leave the house and all the kids could meet Akiko and learn from her first hand. There is no class next week as it is a national holiday...I have two weeks to consider the angles. It was FUN and I'm easily swayed by fun....but honestly....I do strive to watch the boundaries. LOL

Hawaii - Mike had also been doing some thinking while I was gone last night. He's decided I should go to Hawaii for the PWOC Pacific Region conference. I've spent a couple of weeks convincing myself not to go. Mike is really sure I SHOULD go and WANTS me to go; so I am. At this point, I'll be alone, which stretches me greatly...if I'm going to be lost, I'd like to be lost WITH someone....but it will be good for me. Many of you know that I've worked diligently to hear the voice of God about my schedule/ministry after the insane AK season of our ministry. I've set boundaries, I honestly DO see things as God, Family (In the Home Ministry), Outside Ministry. I am torn because the family isn't settled and this seems awfully quick to go on a trip after receiving our belongings....but Mike says it's for a weekend and I need to have some time to relax....and be refreshed.... AND now I find that two ladies from our first assignment in Montana will be attending...Julie B from Guam and Sarah H from Okinawa. I'm going to have *TWO* "PWOC MOMENTS". ::snort:: I'll get the registration worked out and then figure out how to book the tickets.

CINDY - setting this apart so you are sure to read it, as you'll think it is funny. Mike says I need to get CINDY to plan my trip as she's the pro at this sort of thing. ::snort::

That's the day. The kids are exhausted and I can't seem to get them moving..but it's time. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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