Sunday, June 07, 2020

We Almost Went to Denali!

 We hit the road after church. We have been wanting to go camping - and it's a bit of a challenge with church schedules and Grandpa...but we decided to just do it. 

Krista and a friend were going to go up and spend extra time. Allie was invited and her parents agreed to let her come. The girls would stay with us the first night or two and then Krista, Brittany, Allie and Stacia would go on to Talkeetna.  We were excited. 

This is as far as we made it before Michael pulled over....

One of the dual tires blew! It didn't take long to realize we wouldn't be on the road any time soon. 

Grandpa waits in comfort 

Krista and Michael pick up pieces of our tire

The girls loaded into our van - with the food and clothes from the RV and headed down the road. We had the tent in the RV so they took that and went off for an adventure.  I took Grandpa home. Michael slept in the RV and the next day we began the repair process. 
Allie, Brittany, Stacia, Krista

Krista, Allie, Stacia, Brittany

Allie & Stacia warding of skeeters

Allie, Stacia & Brittany

Allie & Stacia

Krista, Allie, Stacia, Brittany

cabin in Talkeetna

And that is how we almost made it to Denali and the girls DID go to Denali.  Looking back at these photos from 2022, I can't help but note how one never knows when life is about to change. These are the first pictures I have of Allie and Stacia together...when they didn't know each other well... I never would have guessed how that relationship was to deepen and how dear Allie was to become to our family. 

A Month?

A month since the last blog! Oops.

The last blog was about bears - oh my.

We are fine.

I will back post some blogs in the upcoming's finally really summer (sort of like spring in the lower 48).   This means projects and gardening. Our growing season is VERY short....and so we live and work hard until we get it all in. I have photos, I have thoughts....I'll post later.

When I look back at the notes and photos from May a few themes life after sequestration, gardening, projects, lots of appointments for Dad,  family - lots of time with grandkids...playing at Baachan's treehouse, watching sick kids, babysitting....and WALKING.

We are heading out this afternoon for Mt. Denali...there will be things to report....and I may get over my aversion to posting "out of order" to post Denali and then work on catching May up.

All that to say - how kind you are to notice we've been missing. Thanks for all who reached out to see if we were o.k. We are doing well.