Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Settling Into Routines - SHARK WEEK

We are settling back into routines. 

We've had 3 weeks of visitors, RAIN, and Fish Camp.  Michael spent a significant amount of time bleaching and power washing nets and coolers. He also took the time to repair nets. Michael is paying for all the recent exertion.  He crashed for 14 hours last night/this a.m. and his tremors are wild.  His docs had begun to talk about deep brain stimulation in 2020...and then the shut down happened - no one was traveling to WA for "elective procedures" at that point...on top of the covid/hospital thing, his new VA doc seems to think his job is rationing care. Michael was seeing a neurologist every 3 - 6 months but hasn't seen a neurologist since 2020. I think it's time to revisit his medications.  I think a bit of tweaking would make it easier to deal with the symptoms.

My blood pressure is rising. My weight is certainly up. It's been "impossible" to do the things I need to do with Dad's care...but something has got to change.  Michael and I are realizing we have to find the time to focus not only on Dad's care, but on our own healthcare and family. Today, I went out and got a .7 mile walk when Dad went down for a's a start. 

We've not been in the garden for 3 weeks for any amount of "work"... I took advantage of the SUN to assess the garden. WHEW...LOTS of lush WEEDS. Allie came out and helped me for an hour. I decided to work on cleaning out the RV on rain days. We are scheduled to have 3 sunny days and I need to get into the garden.  It's unreal how quickly the weeds grew. I knew I'd be "behind" due to the schedule but add 3 weeks of rain and it is a recipe for rapid weed growth. 

We liberated one pumpkin patch in the midst of the sea of green weeds.  

I spent additional time in the greenhouse. Weeding. The watermelons are growing.

My back hurts! I was spending more time in the garden every day, but evidently the three weeks off cost me in more ways than one. LOL 

Stacia had a Christmas in July youth event to prepare for this afternoon. Bre and the kids came over for SHARK WEEK.  Bre does a great job on celebrations and holidays. They've made shirts, played games, done tattoos, and today we painted sharks.  Their matching shirts all say things such as "Sister shark doo doo da doo doo... " they brought me one that says Grandma Shark....can't wait to wear it. 
Did you know we're expected a new grand? 

Of course, we spent some time playing at our "park," too. GG came out on the deck...all in all it was a good afternoon. 

Nolan and the girls went out to run errands. Allie went to work. I took Stacia to youth group. Krista (friend not daughter) and I grabbed the opportunity to go out and enjoy tea while the kids were at youth. 

It's been a good day, other than my back pain. We'll continue to brainstorm solutions that allow for more focus on our health, and maybe figure out how to fit in some of the things we really miss as a family: hospitality, fire rings, backyard fun (Dad doesn't want to go outside), camping...