Monday, January 29, 2007

The Rest of Monday!

We did get couch school done. Couch school consists of the things that I do with the children - most of which are done on the couch around here (history, science, read alouds, phonics)...

I took the 3 little ones and went to the RV dealer. They wanted to see a trailer like the one I bought, but it won't be here until Thursday. We left the dealer and went to Sam's Club. I picked up some chicken so I could cook tonight. I made oven fried chicken....oven fries...salad...fruit....

I had to leave before dinner was done to meet the Shop Natural truck. Our order was small this month - which was good as we met the truck later than normal. Adrienne and her children came over and helped inventory and sort.

Heather came over to pick up her "stuff" and fixed my camera...again. Yippee! I would have missed THIS photo if she'd not stopped by....
Stacia climbed into a teeny, tiny holds 12 boxes of mac and cheese...and got STUCK!!!! See the lollipop in her mouth? It's made from fruit juices....I thought I was buying a little bag for treats. It was 3 oz....I thought...but it must have been 3 lbs...because we got a huge canister of them. I plan to take them to Mike's office. He has a ceramic pig that is full of candy...I'll add these so there is something somewhat better for the children when they visit. I'll put some in the diaper bag....hmmmm....who knows because we don't really do lollipops...but STACIA DOES! ugh.

The younger 4 and I read some out of Jungle Book and they called it a day. Oh wait - my dear college sister friend called. She informed me that what may have happened with the credit card is that they suspended it because I made so many payments in one month. I made 3 payments...big ones....and umm.....since the patriot act that's a huge red flag for money now I know. I guess one payment a month...and I'm not sure how having this account so that I could make the payment for local things from it will help. I certainly don't want them freezing the account every month I make more than one payment. ::snort::

My shoulder is feeling miraculously better. It still twinges and aches but I can move....I worked out today without the arms...which worked out well since I used the step and needed to focus on my two left feet! ::snort::

Jamin is creating a weight circuit for me to do. He's excited. I told him to remember I'm old. He wanted to know what areas I need to work on most. I told him to LOOK at me....maybe I should let him off the hook and tell which areas I want to work on. ::snort::

Tomorrow...taxes, school, FAFSA, loans....


It's nearly 1:30 p.m. and we've not done couch school.

I have applied for two loans. I did deal with the credit card company again. This time they made MIKE call comment. I've talked to the county courthouse and we are exempt from the sales tax on buying a trailer here. I'll have to look into HOW to register the trailer in AK next....but it can be done. I've checked on insurance for the trailer. I've talked to the salesman 3 times....we'll see what he finally nails down....I don't like "dealing". I have fielded several produce co-op phone calls. I've printed invoices for Shop Natural co-op tonight....and I'm going to go eat lunch, get Stacia down and do SCHOOL.