Sunday, September 02, 2007

Technical Question

Does anyone know how I could keep the post of Destinee at the top of my blog - without having to change the post options every day to do so?

Praise God

We are praising God tonight! Our evening could have been so different. After second service, we decided to go the Rec pool for one last fling before the season ends.

They were out of children's life vests. We got in and commenced playing. At one point I took Stacia and decided we'd go see if we could make one of the bigger life vests work. I reached up to grab the vest, turned around, and she was gone. The life guards that were not in the tower were dealing with a little one who had picked up a mesquite thorn. I said, "Where's my baby?" when I couldn't find her.

I scanned the pool deck and she wasn't there. I noticed Mike swimming rather purposefully and FAST from the deep end. I continued to look for Stacia. Mike came up for breath and yelled, "grab the baby," and went back down. He kept this up from the deep end to the shallow end. I ran for the pool. One of the young men (a lifeguard) ran for the pool. Stacia was under water. We both jumped in. The lifeguard reached her a second before I did. She was spurting water and shaken. After he determined she was o.k. the lifeguard collapsed on the side of the pool. He said, "I'll just lay her a minute if that's o.k." It was his first save. I was very thankful and proud of him.

God was so gracious. Mike is the human hero of this story - and the lifeguard. IF Mike hadn't seen Stacia slip into the pool, he wouldn't have raised the alarm and the guard and I would have taken longer to find her. She had been treading water the whole time - but her head was under water.
There were some frustrating things about this - when the shock eased up. The lifeguard in the tower SAT THERE AND WATCHED THE WHOLE THING! She watched Mike swim across the pool, yelling to grab the baby at each breath, she watched the lifeguard and I run for the pool and jump in....she watched.

There were SEVERAL adults an arm's length away from Stacia - they all watched too. I even heard one lady say "Look at that baby treading water," and not one of them moved to help - even with Mike and I yelling "grab the baby" and the lifeguard and I sprinting across the deck.
I pray that if I'm ever in a similar situation where a child needs help, that I will think quicker on my feet. One of them DID give me a child's sized life vest to wear (see photo above).
Here are a couple more photos of our last day of the season at the WILL be open tomorrow, but my family seriously seems to be phobic of big crowds.

I Like Daddy

Last Sunday when Michael got up in the service, Stacia began to say, "I Like Daddy". She says this with a variety of intonations. She says this with glee....loud and soft. All week she's been telling us, "I LIKE Daddy". Today in church she began again. Cute, huh?

What makes it really special is that she didn't know Daddy when he got home from his deployment. It's taken 5 months, but she has decided that she LIKES Daddy. I told Mike it would come - and now she runs to meet him when he comes home, cries if she can't go with him, and declares to all that SHE LIKES DADDY! It's a turning point for our family. I think it means the deployment is over. ::snort::

She's been running around all night saying, "I like Daddy, Jamin do you like Daddy".....She is asking this question of the older three boys - the big guys in her life until "Daddy" came home. It's late and I realized I could capture it on video - so she isn't fresh but this is her little voice. And of course, when the camera starts, Zander starts....and this was the 5th try so you hear us telling Alex to hush. ::blush:: but WE LIKE DADDY!