Friday, December 30, 2022

Prepping for Tomorrow (A day of Christmas)

 OK! I give up! I am a bit confused as to which day of Christmas this is...but I know our wise man will end up at the manger on Epiphany, Jan 6th. LOL 

This is the only photo I have today. We spent the day prepping for tomorrow night - New Year's Eve, family gift exchange, Annual Gingerbread Competition... My bed is piled high with things I need to wrap. I am ready for the family exchange and have gone quite a way to being ready for the Household Gift Exchange - which happens on Epiphany. 

Stacia drove me to Wasilla. She's prepping for her DMV test... I'm hoping the weather and roads cooperate. It wasn't bad today, but they are NOW predicting an ice storm.  I suspect the weather is trying to kill us. We shopped Target and Michael's. Oh, my word, people, "GET OVER BEING SO GRUMPY."

In the Michael's parking lot, a gentleman was determined to take the spot my cart was stuck in. There were two other spots right beside it. He could have pulled in, but it was saner to pull up close to me and glare while I dragged the cart through the sludge and out of his way.  In Walmart a lady seriously tried to run me over with a cart. We aren't sure what the problem was...I was in the main aisle, she was in a side aisle moving to the main aisle. I had to jump out of the way, Stacia had to jerk our cart out of her way... We were having a good time, I made a point of cheering up each cashier we met and as many shoppers as possible, but some folks are simply determined to be grouchy today. 

I got a call after dinner asking if I had eggs. I also got texts and FB messages. I guess there is a local (or is it national) shortage. As I continued to get messages, Stacia made a quip about menopause, which led me to reply I was going to post on FB, "I have no eggs. I'm in menopause." ::snort:: Stacia, Allie and I thought we were terribly funny...I believe Michael rolled his eyes at us.  In any event Michael and I took 10 dozen eggs to a neighbor. 

We could not make it past the 4th Home Alone...just couldn't do it. We were happy to watch episode 3 of Season 3 of The Chosen tonight. This is a really great series. 

But now...I must go get a mountain of things moved from our bed. 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Another Trip to the Burn Center (5th Day of Christmas)

Izaak took the day off work and was able to drive Bre, Jojo and Trudy to the burn center today.  We had been told today's appointment would hurt, but Jojo was given meds before they left to help with the pain. They headed up to the burn center to have his wounds checked, cleansed and rewrapped. Izaak says it best, his hands are "gnarly." Poor Baby. 

I had purchased some Christmas crafts to do with grands, but this has not been the typical year, and I haven't spent time with the grands, and I kept forgetting to take things when I went to spend Tuesdays with the boys. 

Today, I brought some of my goodies. Wood cut outs and paint, our hot potato and snacks. We never did get around to playing hot potato or eating snacks. We had breakfast and then got out all the paints. 

I think they turned out cute! I thought the kids would want to sneak them into Bre's decor, but the girls had other ideas, and Gideon followed their lead. They had an eye for where they wanted to display their crafts. 

The infamous stovetop 

The kids asked for playdough next. Sure thing...

Japanese Ramen by Bella 

Gideon and Bella started making models of different characters from the Christmas story. Cute. Then they asked me to choose the best one of each. I asked them why everything needed to be a competition, and then I remembered their mom and aunts and uncles on game night and the annual gingerbread competition. OK - got it. 
Bella presents Baby Jesus 

This Mary is amazing...note the baby bump and the cane for walking after riding on the donkey all day. 

Gideon presents an Angel 

I was happy to squish fun-colored playdough. 

Annie ignored the competition and made pans and pans of PIZZAS. 

Everyone got home from Anchorage about this time...we'll save the rest of the fun for the next visit. Jojo will have another appointment in a week. 
So Glad Daddy could go today! πŸ“· by Bre

I needed to go shopping. Our family gift exchange is on NYE. I thought I'd go home and get Allie and Stacia first. When I got home no one was available to watch GG...we didn't go shopping.  Dinner was quick and easy - rice and burritos. 

We are settling in to see if we can get another Home Alone done....who knew? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

4th Day of Christmas at the Burn Center

On Christmas Day, this cutie had an accident involving a ceramic stove top. I alluded to his accident in our Christmas post. We got a call that Bre needed to run to the ER; one car wouldn't start, and the other was ice/snowed into place. Cory ran Bre and Jojo to the ER. Izaak stayed with the others. 

He's a trooper - quite a cheery 2-year-old too. He has second degree burns on the palms of his hands. They are bad.  The ER doc here wanted him seen on Tuesday at the state's burn center. Bre spent all day Monday calling trying to get him an appointment on Tuesday. They told her the earliest they could do was Thursday.  This morning she took the wrappings off his hands and sent a picture to the nurse at the burn center. She showed them to the surgeon and the backup surgeon. They told her to bring him in as soon as she could get to Anchorage. They told the ER at the Anchorage hospital that they were coming. 

Bre still had the problem of her car being immobilized. Izaak had the van at work and was unable to get off work. Papa drove Bre, Jojo and Trudy to Anchorage. I spent the day with Bella, Gideon and Annie. It worked.  It was a LONG day for the Anchorage crew; come to think of it, it was a long day for all of us. LOL They went ahead and did "surgery" - cut away all the skin that was blistered and damaged. 

Still smiling 

Papa held Trudy for the first time today. He was thrilled. 

Jojo seems to be getting a bit suspicious of "special trips" with Mom and Uncles or Papa. 

Meanwhile, back at the house, the kids and I played.... Bella taught me how to play checkers. I played with Gideon too. I did win, but I had to really think to do it. LOL 

We played with playdough. I've decided I need to buy some fresh playdough for the house. I think it would be therapeutic to play with playdough every day.  The kids made cakes. 

I went home when Izaak got home from work.  The girls and I threw together mac/cheese and ham....for the girls and GG. The boys weren't home or had already eaten; Michael was still on the road. I didn't feel like eating. 

We started a Home Alone marathon. When I suggested this, I thought there were TWO movies. ::snort:: SIX????? Ah well...we have made it through Home Alone 4. 

The 4th Day of Christmas draws to a close. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Even the Moose Come to Celebrate (3rd Day of Christmas)


On the second day of Christmas Stacia continued to feverishly work on a gift she wants to have ready by the 31st and our family gift exchange. 

And the moose came to celebrate Christmas.  

On the third day of Christmas, we did a lot of waiting.  We had HOPED I would be going to watch kiddos while Bre took Jojo to Anchorage to be seen, but the center was running very, very slow. You think a referral for a 2 yo from an ER would make things MOVE. LOL Jojo is doing well. He's a trooper. 

Michael and Allie took her car to the tire shop. 

Michael and Stacia were able to get that gift Stacia has been working on ordered. They say she can pick it up on the 31st. We'll see. 

And the moose came to celebrate Christmas again - a different moose. 


As we ate dinner, I's worth the effort to seek Jesus, to worship him. 

We've entered the slow, magical, Twelve Days of Christmas. 

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas 2022

 The day began with our traditional cinnamon roll breakfast. 

We piled into the car and headed out to Farm Loop Christian Center, CoRielle's church. It is always fun to join them.  We came home, had lunch and opened Christmas stockings. Basically the girls' and Michael had one or two things I'd found...but our shopping dates were curtailed by the storm which blew in. I fund this shirt for Michael, with the tags on, at a thrift store. LOL 

I had bought this fun game for CoRiell's boys, but Arielle had told me had it already. I decided to keep it here to play when kids are over.... It's a hit with kids of all ages...

About 3:30 or so our home began to fill up. BreZaak  were unable to make it as they've had quite a round of illness in their home. CyRi spent the day with her family.  The noise level increased, the fun meter went through the roof. 

Jamin is attacked by the paddle ball

GG and the boys enjoyed hungry hungry dino

Danny was intrigued by the sweet birthday cake

It was fun to watch Danny come back to the cake again and again. He was fascinated. 

Allie and Danny 

Benny let me know they do NOT have this game at home, and he would really like to have this game at home. I told him I thought I'd keep it for him to play with us when he visits. I happen to know I got another game to give the boys at some point this winter. 

Egyptian Rat

Note Danny has the sound box from the "hot potato"

Papa's Pony Express

Danny took the soundbox out of the hot potato. He loved pushing it and dancing to it. I couldn't quite catch it all without also catching Little Buddy but here is what I got. 

Listen to the big kids playing Egyptian Rat in the background. 

About this time, we heard from BreZaak. Jojo had an accident and needed to get to the ER.  One of their cars was snowed in and the other wouldn't start. We mobilized. We prayed. Cory drove Bre and Jojo to the ER. Michael eventually drove Arielle home to get the truck so she and the boys could go home.  Jojo is fine. His hands are burned but he's o.k. He's so tough. 

We haven't seen Larissa since October (or maybe it was early November). Little Noah has certainly grown in the time. It was so great to see her. 
Larissa, Noah, Jared and Benny 

We settled down to watch a movie - trying to calm the little guys down...
Long day for Arielle

And, this ended the first day of Christmas. It was a very full day...full of activity, emotion, chaos, memories, the unexpected - full of family - worship and wonder. 

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve. 

We had been invited to a Christmas Eve Service at Lazy Mountain Bible Church.  Our church, Matanuska AG, also has a Christmas Eve Service. We discussed, planned and decided we could catch the 3 p.m. service at Lazy Mountain before heading to our service at 6 p.m. 

Semper Gumby. They joke was on us. The roads to our church remained impassable.  We were happy we had another plan in place. The girls, GG, Michael and I headed out to the service. We enjoyed it. The gospel was shared, Christmas was celebrated. 

We took the time to drive through various downtown streets.... the snow drifts were amazing. The wind had blown snow into CoRielle's carport and filled it.... amazing. It blocked the shed where they had hidden Christmas gifts. Not to fear...they figured it out.  Here is one house which shows a bit of the is common for one side of a yard to be bare, while the other side features towers of snow.