Sunday, January 28, 2018

Seeds and Sundays

I do love our ordinary was a fairly ordinary Sunday. We were sad Pastor has the flu....but Barney, one of our wise, elder members, presented a great message. 

We've been working through a series on Seeds at church. It's been good to contemplate as we enter 2018. A few statements which have stood out to me are:

  • ANYTHING and everything can be a seed (possessions, time, talent, energy,  money)
  • Sowing is not losing, it's investing
  • When we sow seed; we reap later and greater! 
  • Everything that comes TO me should flow THROUGH me. 
  • Our ultimate harvest is eternal - invest in the eternal! 
  • Relationships are all that will last - invest in relationships!
  • We are called to sow seed to THIS generation
  • Satan always seeks to steal identity (Daniel) 
  • Daniel allowed God, not culture to define his identity
  • This generation's identity is under attack
  • Gospel comes down to relationship 
  • Invest first in my relationship with God; then others.
I missed a week, and Pastor missed this week - but there has been much to chew on. Our family is currently deciding how we will take $10 each and  invest it, for kingdom business.  Actually, we are brainstorming on how we can increase our meager amount for an offering coming in a month which provides Bibles, in various languages to various peoples. I would post a link, but we're new to this denomination and I can't remember if it's Light for the Lost, or Send the Light or Speed the Light.....but the point IS.....we are excited to apply the idea of investing what comes to us in a tangible way. Stacia and I are going to make up a flyer and FB ad and take orders for some yumminess.....Michael is making some oak and pine coasters....Don't think Nolan has decided what he is doing....we'll donate proceeds to the offering in March. I'm currently trying to figure out how to package an 8 in cheesecake....I may have to make a lot to practice getting it OUT of the pan and into some packaging - in tact.

After church we went to a local restaurant. We drove by a home/land BreZaak are considering. We received  a text Josiah and Jamin were on their way to hang out. YES - this is what we envisioned Sunday afternoon being - a time for family and friends to gather at our home. I actually envisioned providing Sunday lunch and inviting folks from church maybe we'll be doing a bit of tweaking. But at this point, we've loved a set time each week for those  family members who can make it, to reconnect. 
Monopoly and Dominion were the agenda of the afternoon

S Family

I love seeing moose along the side of the road. We saw this little one on our way home from Church. 

Tonights family dinner highlights the S family! LOL  I didn't set out to do that - it's the way the photos went. 
Benny (2 1/2 months) & Mommie (Arielle) 
  Like Father Like Son
Cory and Benny
 That smile!

Since I have pictures right here - how about a quick S family update? Both Arielle and Cory are back at college.  They're amazing at juggling "it all."

There is this too - Stacia keeps us in fresh squeezed lemonade!