Friday, September 07, 2012



  • School - discovered we needed "glitter paint" for one of those craft projects
  • Stood in for Misawa's Titus 2 at a local PWOC board meeting
  • Enjoyed meeting with two gals to finish a study on 2 Peter
  • Tried to find glitter paint at Arts and Crafts - ended up buying glitter and glue
  • Worked on a bit of PWOC Regional ministry stuff
  • Michael worked real late. ::snort:: 
  • Fielded crazy emails from TMO saying we had 3 hours to claim Jared's household goods in TX or be charged for storage - it arrived about 2:30 a.m. in Japan and by the time I read it they'd put his stuff in storage. I am quite confident the four G men are going to set them straight. 
  • School
  • Drafted some local documents for a PWOC president
  • Worked on a chapel project for the handsomest chaplain on staff
  • Spent quite a bit more time on Regional ministry projects
  • Made a gallon of pizza sauce and homemade pizzas for dinner (to include a vegan pizza)
  • Watched Minesota Cuke with the kids....
  • Michael got home at 7:30 p.m. I think that is early. ::snort:: 
  • Not sure though I know Michael has to run in for a bit in the a.m. to catch someone
  • Play, housework, ministry work....what will it be? We shall see. 

Choosing Joy!
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