Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Surgeries, Blessings and Birthdays

This will certainly be a birthday to remember.

Originally, I'd put down on the calendar THIS was the day we'd discover the gender of Baby D #2. It was to be a very special birthday event/gift.

Who knew how quickly plans can change?

I was up at 0300 and met Sherri and Mom at 0430. We drove mom to the hospital and went through pre-op with her. Sherri left when Mom went into surgery to be with Will, my brother, who also had surgery yesterday. He had two pins put into his ankle.  Mom's surgery was quicker than expected, the time in recovery quite a bit longer than we'd expected....but the afternoon evening found us settled into her room on the surgery/oncology floor.

The doctor said everything went well.

Michael stopped by about the time Mom was finally leaving the recovery room.  She was happy to see him. He'd been at the ultrasound and KNEW the gender of Baby D. He was great! He knew if I couldn't be at the ultrasound, I wanted a gender reveal cupcake. Unfortunately, they weren't done when he came over and the hospital and BreZaak's homes are on opposite sides of town.

Mom was looking forward to knowing the gender. In fact that is the first thing she asked them when she was waking up. I called Bre and she texted us photos of the cupcakes she was making and an ultrasound picture.

The cupcake photo we had looked GREEN and we weren't quite sure what gender green would predict. Finally, we settled on twins. ::snort::  It turns out we were wrong.

Team blue for the win! Excited to have another little grandblessing on the way! Great birthday gift and a great spirit booster in the hospital.

I turned 53 today.  I appreciated all the FB wishes and texts. This isn't the way I'd choose to spend the day - but it's been good to be here. I  missed calls from several elder Gherkins, but was happy to connect with Jared.

PS - Finishing this on the 25th. Mom is staying another night in the hospital. Wills' surgery also went well. Prayers for the recovery of both of them are still appreciated. Dad is still recovering from his cold.