Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bella is One Year Old

Warning - this post features 30 pictures! BUT it's down from 128!

Bella is one year old on the 12th of April. We celebrated early as Bre has AWANA on Wed. nights. The original plan was a family BBQ at BreZaak's apartment, but the weather is fickle around here. We moved to Putters Family Entertainment Center. 
Bella & Aunt Arielle

Bella & 3rd Cousin Lorri 
 I suspect they were discussing something Alaska related. It was fun having Cy down for this event! 
Bre, Cy, Izaak, Michael 
 Mom and I drove over from radiation and a doctor visit. 

Mom, Bre, Izaak 
 Bella is a tease! There's no way around it. If  she KNOWS you'd like to hold her, she plays with you. I kept offering her to Cy and she kept shaking her head no. I moved down the row of her admirers and she kept turning back to hug me and shaking her head, "no."  She cracked us up when she shook her head yes, then no, to Alex. I eventually gave her to Josiah. She thought that was great fun!
Every girl needs an Uncle Cy
 Uncle Alex is poking her ear and she thinks it's Cy
 A girl and her uncles
Izaak's dad and Dakota (Bella's brother)
 The K family - minus Will

Baby D 2 was evident as well! 
7 months pregnant
 CoRielle came over after work
This little one is blessed with a family who adores her
 Bre had baked cupcakes - some dairy free. Bella was intrigued by the flame on the cupcake! As with many one year olds, Bella has never had sugar before. If she thinks the fire is amazing - wait till she tries the sugar.

It's hard to see her expression - but Bre had just placed the lit candle on top of the cupcake on her tray. She is giving Izaak a look that says, "WHAT is up with MOM?"

Not sure what it is - but everyone is watching it and I'm near enough to explore it...


Oh, Dad - this is good! 
 She kept watching Izaak and "talking" to him as she tried new bits of it. 

A sticky High Five

Mom, where's the wipes?

She loved her presents. This is a marked change from Christmas. Next year is going to be fun. LOL 

Snow suit from us for Alaska

Great Grandma and Grandpa with Bella
 I told you she was a tease - blowing Raspberries at Emma

Bella and Dakota

Josiah - On the Move

We left Josiah, Michael, Alex and Nolan in Portland at the Spurs game in the last blog post. Bre let slip Monday night she was preparing their guest room for Josiah. WHAAATTT? I knew nothing of this plan.....I wasn't sure if I'd forgotten, or if Michael forgot to tell me, or if he was trying to surprise me. I used my best skills of prying; it became apparent Michael was trying to surprise me.

Sure enough, Josiah walked through Uchi's door Tuesday afternoon. I LOVE visits from Gherkins.  This called for surprising the grandparents and a quick pick up game before radiation.
We love you Josiah! 
This will be Josiah's last trip down before he moves to Alaska. This trip WAS important as it would be the last time he was sure of seeing BreZaak and CoRielle, as well as my folks before moving.....however, it appears many of us have caught the strange "North to AK" bug. It became important as we had a "moving meeting" and he got to touch base with Grandma and Grandpa before heading north.

Cody, meanwhile, has already jumped the divide. Josiah put him on a plane to Alaska last week. He's committed now. πŸ˜› JaRissa are our advance team....they are being such help to all of us as we plan our migration. They will watch Cody until Josiah completes his trip.  Cody is a Husky/Corgi mix.... I bet  he's loving the cooler weather.
Jared with our grand dogs
We celebrated Bella's first birthday tonight. I took 128 photos so it will take some time to sort and edit them.