Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whew - Wednesday!

Another busy day. School glides on. I went to the gym. Jamin is at work. Mike is at work (and so I have time to update). Josiah and Jared are out with friends - all afternoon and evening. We ran across town to pick up some Real Salt (Mom this stuff would be salty enough for YOU LOL), and some Braggs Amino something or other that I'd accidently left at the restaurant where we meet the United semi. We had dinner, baths, all are in bed, I paid bills, still waiting for the older 4 men to arrive home.

Tuesday and Everyone is Home


The big event of our day! ALL were home for dinner. I even cooked. We had Country Chicken Pot Pie AND a banana cake with strawberry shortcake topping (I guess I've never posted that recipe before - which I can do if anyone would like it). What fun to have all who live at home - HOME.

We ended the night by watching "Full Range of Motion". I think it was funnier the second time watched. Good, clean, HUMOR! We are trying to find a clip of the "I work at Subway" song for Cy's myspace. LOL


Ah, being the baby in a family like this is a cross to bear. The poor thing.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You can't really tell, but Arielle had given her a "fake" chocolate bar. It looked REAL - but it was an eraser.
Monday night, after all had gone home from the United co-op, we found Stacia on our bed...surrounded by candy wrappers, chocolate on our pillows and on her face.

I'll just throw this in...this is the back of the van when we opened it at home, and the front was full too. Next month I will remove another seat before meeting the truck. LOL

Jamin's Joy


Jamin came home from Writing for the Soul with the determination to "get published" this year. Most big publishing houses want you to have built "name recognition" before they publish your works. Jamin is an intense, one-job-at-a-time type of person and so had spent all his time writing novels. NOW, he is learning to write anything and everything in order to be published online, in magazines, win contests, and he writes novels at night.
Since February, he has found out that he'll have an article published in a magazine. I think it was in May, maybe? It's an interview he did with Mike about his ministry in the Middle East. I'll post a link when it is published.
Today, he found out that Around the Bloc, a Christian Yahoo writer's group, will publish an article he wrote in April. The article is called, "Publication Potholes." (We're learning a lot about this topic, and I think it takes a great writer to turn their "failures" into an article that wins success. ::snort::)
He's busy writing stories and such for contests.
He's received his first rejection letter for his novel, from Bethany House (let's mount a boycott ::snort::). In an ironic twist Mike received his first rejection notice this week too - but it was very polite and encouraging. I think he should submit it to a few magazines - it's an article about Stacia's near-drowning last summer.
I continue to simply publish every day - inarticulate, ungrammatical, misspelled but written - every day. ::snort::
All of a sudden, places want a PHOTO of Jamin - and his last name will be much for security! ::sigh:: Mike and Jamin spent time taking a "photo" of just Jamin last night. I took great glee in this as Jamin is the one in family pictures who was barefoot, hair awry, pulling away and insisting he would NOT be in the photo. We just held him down and told the photographer to snap away. I was determined I would have pictures of him. years later.....Mike and he spent the night taking photos, and Josiah only had to hold him down the first 5 minutes. ::snort::