Tuesday, July 17, 2007


As I fell asleep last night I began to think of sidewalks. I grew up with sidewalks. Our home in Hardin, MT had sidewalks. They were great for walks; chasing toddlers, trikes….our town now has no sidewalks. Most the spots we visited had no sidewalks.

Does this say something about our society? We no longer need sidewalks because we aren’t home to leisurely enjoy those afternoons on the sidewalks? Or we’re too lazy to edge around the sidewalks….much easier to mow to the curb? Or we’re more territorial and don’t want our neighbors to have easy access to our yard?

And what happened to Front Porches – which the SIDEWALKS led up to???? What about your area of the country? I'm interested in now in this sidewalk issue. I think I want our next assignment to be to a place with sidewalks. ::snort::

Does this matter at all? Probably not, but it seemed profound at mid-night