Monday, September 26, 2022

An Afternoon Drive

 Michael came in and found me. 

GG was taking a nap and Alex was willing to watch him.  Stacia was "introverting" and Allie and Nolan were working. 

"Let's go out in the RV and pretend we are retired and go explore anytime we want." ::snort:: 

Some of you know we ARE retired. 

The first two summers we were up here we were busy moving into our place, and BreZaak were living in the RV the next year. Then we had Dad move up. We tried a couple of trips with him, but it became apparent the steps were too hard for him to navigate. After the surgery 2 years ago, it is definitely out of the question. So we have this dream boat - which we haven't been able to enjoy. 

Michael suggested we take the RV out for a drive and then bring it back and park it for the winter. Always a sad moment...but this time we went out and pretended we could hit the road. 

We dreamed of what we would like to be doing in 5 years. We processed together some of the things we were doing in this season. It was a good drive. 

Unfortunately, we HAD planned to take GG to a hymn sing at CoRielle's church, but I am glad we let him sleep and hit the road. It was good for our souls.