Saturday, December 29, 2018

5th Day of Christmas - Bella's First Fish, Projects, Truck Shopping

Krista's goal was sister time with Stacia today. She got up bright and early and took Nolan to work so she could have the car.  Stacia opted for hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls. I suggested Sophia's Cafe and off they went.  They made it early enough to score a roll, this is often not the case. 

Alex, Michael and I headed to Anchorage.

 BreAnne, who has been trained well in the art of blog contributions, sent this photo. 🐽
Is Bella not the cutest little fisher-woman you've seen? 
Izaak was heading out to take Bella on her first ice-fishing/fishing adventure. She was so excited. (We entertained thoughts of stopping at the lake on our way back to the Valley, but they'd limited and left long before we reached the lake).

Meanwhile, in Anchorage, Michael checked out a truck, test drove it, found many points of common ground with the seller, and told him we'd get back to him to take it to a mechanic. We aren't sure if the mechanic will be open on Monday. It may have to wait until Wednesday, the seller understands about businesses and banks being closed until Wednesday.
Air Force Blue
Alex suggested Panda Express, a favorite with the Gherkins. It was nice to be out and about with Alex.  We began to get photos from Josiah while we were at lunch. Izaak sent some later. I have permission to share.

 Such fun!  
Note the auger beside Bella (Grand #1)

Bella's first fish! Look at her! Our little Alaskan. 
Note the size of her catch
A 20 second clip of her catch 

Uncle Cy with Bella and her catch 
Again   - check out the size of her catch
Evidently, Uncle and Daddy, have begun her education on how to get a good fish story. ALWAYS get your picture taken with the biggest catch of the day. 🐽

Josiah said they limited in 34 minutes.  They are catching lake bound King Salmon - about the size of trout? Most are 10 - 12 inches. 

We discovered a recent accident when we stopped for mail. We noted people inside, and went to help. All were fine and someone was on the way to pull them out. They were buried HARD - we weren't going to get them out. 
Sober reminder to drive with care in the winter
 All the kids were were home when we arrived.  Nolan and Krista are reading. The girls bought a couple of pieces of baklava to share.  They had gone shopping at thrift stores to find elements for the Gherkins Annual Gingerbread competition. Stacia is working on projects. They are turning out cute and I'll show more photos when I can. We began the week with 9 projects to complete between us. Four are done - 2 are nearing finish.
Stacia has a blister from cutting. I didn't know that was a thing. 
Michael has spent the afternoon working on more sermon prep. I am finishing up, "The Prodigal Prophet." I decided to order it rather than trying to get everything out of it in one read.  We are finally, finally, nearing the end of left-overs.  Just in time for New Year's Eve dinner. I'm going to try hard NOT to have a lot of left-overs.