Monday, May 02, 2022

Greenhouse, Grands and Chicks

 It's here! Look what arrived! It's an 8 x16 well-built greenhouse that will be attached to the old foundation/footer that Michael built.  The main purpose for this will be giving seedlings a home to grow in that won't blow away/over....or take over every space inside the house. 

It will also have a couple of small beds inside. Michael got busy making a shelf for one side of the greenhouse. We aren't sure if we'll want two. I'm also not sure if that front part he added will be turned into beds or just a bit of floor space for things. We'll play with it and see what we really want.  In previous years I grew cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, green beans and melons INSIDE...but since the four beds that had been plastic "greenhouses" were destroyed in the storm, I'm not 100% sure what I'll be able to grow this year.  Since these will be the warmest beds we are considering melons in the beds.  While Michael built a shelf, I started working on the packed soil in the beds. 

I am thinking of putting a weed block on top of the beds and then 2 - 3 inches of compost...or I may just add compost and deal with the weeds. I think it is going to be a challenge to weed under the shelves which is why I'm considering laying down a weed barrier on top of the soil. 

Arielle and the boys came over. Benny was raring to see the chicks. Arielle didn't remember HOW he knew we had chicks. Benny remembered the polo I sent the grands. LOL 

Danny was VERY excited. I didn't catch the wide "O" he made when he first saw the chick. 

The chicks are doing well. No splayed legs, everyone is alive and much better than our last chick buying experience. The Barred Rocks continue to keep us laughing - they're the little black chicks. They are starting to fly and take running leaps into the middle of the pile of other chicks. 

The Golden Bovans are getting tiny feathers. 

Allie had an outing this afternoon. Stacia prepped dinner while I worked in the garden. It was a full day.