Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Breakfast at Awful Annie's is a GREAT way to begin a day. I had a wonderful vegan breakfast  - a big beautiful mess. They serve lots of "real food" as well.  One of my young friends asked if we could meet to talk about the upcoming changes in her life. I knew she wanted me to drum up advice on being a chaplain's wife.  I thought and thought and this is about as good as it gets....

Seriously, she had wonderful questions and it was fun to share how I've navigated the ministry in the Air Force....mostly I can share how I detonated mines and how to avoid them yourself. ::snort::

My next meeting of the day was a Chapel Financial Working Group with our new Wing Chaplain.

Immediately following this meeting we drove to Roseville for a farewell lunch with  Chaplain K and his lovely wife, Christine. Wow - I'm going to miss them. I thought they'd be moving next year about the time we retired.  The photo I took with my phone is on Michael's computer. Hmph.

This day reminded me how much I treasure the time with friends - and how important it is to take advantage of the time we have together - because you just never know when the Air Force is going to call and tell a friend, "You have a month to get to Germany!"  Godspeed my friend.

 Choosing Joy!
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