Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sick You Are....

I feel human - you can tell as I am blogging. My fever has broken and I'm happy to report I just caught the regular old 3 day flu bug. Yes, I am staying home. And, yes, I  communicated with my doctor...I had to cancel an appointment.  Shoot - postponed that A1C another week - I could sure use a Blizzard. 

But thinking back (and post dating this) - Wednesday I spent some time with Benny. Cory is deemed to work in an essential industry and must keep working. As Arielle says - they've been exposed to every germ in the valley. She also is working in a field still deemed essential. We didn't want to bring Benny home to Grandpa - so I went there. Ironically, I went out to protect Benny from germs and ended up exposing him to a germ I had no clue I had.  ::sigh:: 

Benny is pleased with his green cow!

I came home and Krista was working on her first Journey Youth video to post to the church's facebook page.

Within hours of getting home I had a sudden fever.  It is now 3 days later and Benny is fine. Just like every other day in history - a person has no way of knowing if they are sick BEFORE they are sick....and this brought home to me the reality we all live with now, we lived in it before but weren't hyper aware of specific germs...or in the middle of an outbreak.

This was NOT Covid-19. It didn't present at all like covid...and honestly, we CAN'T ALWAYS stay home  in case we MAY get sick TOMORROW...but in THIS time with a known virus running rampant...yeah, I CAN STAY HOME.

I will isolate as much as humanely possible not out of fear - but out of love. Dad and the kids were expressing worry about me being out every day. Out of love for them - I will limit my exposure. Out of love for those I meet with and for my community - I will limit their exposure as well.  I've not traveled, I don't think we ARE infected...but the Governor is asking for us to limit interaction - and I can do that - it's a small thing to do if it helps keep the community I love well.

I had been praying for clarity on which appointments to keep the rest of this week. The flu answered that quite qiuckly for me. I cancelled dinner, 2 counseling appointments and a doctor appointment.  I would HATE to come down with Covid (like I did the flu) after being out with someone....

This bug hit FAST...I was normal, then flushed, then chilled...the family began teasing me as they watched it hit..."Next you'll be seeing Yoda."

"Sick you bed you will go."

I think our governor is handling this well. Listening to his briefings have become a highlight of the day.

I don't do sick well.

 I don't do isolation well.

 I do family well - so I'll focus on family and it  will help.