Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday -
PAC meeting (Protestant Advisory Committee). We had planned the pool but it was raining and silly me I THOUGH IT WOULD BE COLD AND STAY RAINY...... but not in W TX. ::snort:: We'll try the pool again sometime this week - it's my Summer Play Challenge...and I must not lose a challenge.

I took Jared to get his hair cut and ran to Sam's for "stuff" while he did that. CAT LITTER!

We played with the kitten - a lot. He was WILD but now purrs while he nips at us. LOL We have a lead on a home - continue praying. We'll find out tomorrow.

This Kitty is learning to read
Zander has named him Nicholas - because he is a boy. ::snort::
Kitty loves to climb up our sleeves
I tackled the closet mentioned below. Jamin made my DAY by cooking dinner...rice, meatballs, salad, fruit, lumpia and something else.

I tried out the new camera!

She was running towards me with the pineapple (we're out of everything but bananas and lettuce).
Taken in a pitch black room, early this a.m.

Goodness...yahoo has always hated me and now blogger hates me! I may get a complex. Blogger has decided that my blog is a spam blog. ::snort:: I've requested they review this determination. Basically it means that I have to enter lines of those annoying letters before I can publish entries...and since I am notorious for getting those annoying letters WRONG, it is convinced that I'm a spam. LOL
Summer Clean-Up Update!

Here's one of the AFTER shots!

In the process I found - several sets of Christmas cards (5 boxes times many years), an unfinished quilt, little lights that say "I Love You" (I hung them above the mirror - see how I get sidetracked?), lots of OLD SL science kits, the Readerware software and scanner, the bunko basket (anyone local like to play couples bunko???), a HUGE rubbermaid container of art/craft supplies, enough tissue paper to fill a big box (I buy new each time I have a gift because I can't find the tissue paper) and TWO BOXES of photos that need to be put in photo albums....

This closet had really become the "toss it in there if you don't have a spot for it" closet. I have that whole set of plastic drawers that are EMPTY - but I'll fill it. One of us hates to throw out boxes so I found boxes to anything that had been purchased in the past 2 years.

Hey - haven't I TOLD y'all REPEATEDLY not to put me on a pedastal. I'm real people! ::snort::

I believe this is the LAST area that was waiting to be organized since our move. In my defense I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when we moved in here....then on bedrest for 3 weeks after the labor. ::snort:: Then my girls left home and it's taken me a while to get a routine going.


This is the last closet that I need to organize. It's a second one in our room. We thought it would make a good school closet....but now I look at all this stuff and think "MAYBE NOT!!!" ARGH....I'm stymied....but there isn't much else to work on....so I'll go give it a shot....

Having started pulling things out - most of it IS school stuff - the big things like microscopes, telescopes are on the floor....other stuff thrown in as it fits.... ugh. I had Darshia's plan to follow with the toy closet.....If you don't hear from me for a few more days....you'll know where I am....and seriously any local friends that want to come do an intervention.....like whisk me out for chocolate (where IS the nearest Bennigans????) and maybe the kids will organize this one....oh wait....they have been helping with this one....