Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Meet Up

Cat and I connected a couple of years ago when I joined a full time RV forum. It turns out we were at Beale at the same time, and our paths never crossed. We've stayed in contact and she's been an encouragement,  both as we adjusted to the RV lifestyle and as we went through the VA claim process. Travis had a summer job in Kenai this year. They are preparing to head back down the Alaska Highway before snow flies.  Today, they arrived at our home. 
Me, Archer and Cat
 It was fun to meet "for real." She's in our online Bible Study group, as is Bre, so it was fun for them to meet each other too.
Anakin and Stacia 
 We are enjoying their kids, a lot! 
Allie in Stacia's kimono

Archer and Cat 
While we make meals and socialize, the guys are at work on another house project. Here, they are wiring in a 50 amp line for an RV spot.  We'll use this now as BreZaak are in the RV....and when they move, we'll have a full hook-up for guests with RV.  We'll also have lots of boondocking space for those who are self-contained. LOL  
Travis and Michael 
Nolan and Alex enjoyed a game of Dominion with Travis this evening. Wow - he has a set up for his cards! And lots of expansion packs.  I'm envious.  However, I went to bed rather than playing or watching.