Friday, August 09, 2019

New Appliance

Michael is a researcher. He researches what he wants to purchase. He watches the for sale lists for the item to show up. He is content to watch for months (years even - ahem - a hot tub) for a good deal. He also scans on-line sources and local ads.

Last fall we saw how useful a vacuum sealer would be. We knew we wanted one before we began putting things away this summer/fall. I was content to pick up a Food Saver. Michael wasn't happy with the consumer report reviews and purchases reviews.

I froze 25 lbs of blueberries (in Ziploc). We smoked and made jerky salmon and put it into Ziploc bags.  I noted things were already getting ice crystals.

I told Michael we needed to figure out what we wanted. He said he KNEW what he wanted. I asked him to please buy it now - it was time.

I came home today to THIS on my kitchen counter. ::snort:: 
It's a home model, much like the commercial ones we use in Seward to process salmon. It comes with great reviews all the way around. It's a chamber seal....I don't understand the difference, but I DO know that the chamber sealer we use in Seward does a GREAT job.  The bags are FAR cheaper than name brand bags (like 1/4 of the price) and we can use the bags we bought for Seward.

This thing seals WATER. I'm not sure WHY we'd want to seal water...but it does. ::snort:: I've now sealed all the blue berries and salmon for long term storage.

I plan to make the downstairs kitchen (CoRielle's kitchen) a "Preservation Kitchen" when they move out. I'll do the canning, dehydrating, sealing down there....leaving a clean kitchen to use upstairs. This will not stay on my counter forever - AND it will match the tile downstairs. :snort::

Fun-filled Friday

Our plan was to go with Arielle and Benny to the park. We would then take Dad to Freddies, and I would work on fulfilling Michael's wishes to "fill the freezer." This will help with energy efficiency. We have emptied the chest freezer into the new one and still have ample room. 

We headed to the park.  This is a fun park with lots of shade. Stacia and I diligently looked to find some hidden rocks - alas - nothing. 

Benny discovered a squirrel. 

He is a bit unsure of the SOUND it makes.  

"YayYa!" He seemed to think if she was with him they'd be able to get close. 

Benny and G.G. came to an understanding. G.G. said, "Oh, my hat," and took Benny's hat.

 "No! My hat, not G.G.'s,"  he emphatically replied! 

Stacia got a call asking her to babysit.  We decided she'd play a bit longer and I'd deliver her after we left the park. I love Benny's expression in this photo. Such trust to do it anyway - if his hand is in Stacia's. That'll preach.

A Challenge

In the end it's a bit too much of a challenge. He'll save it for another day. 

Snack time! 

Dad and I dropped Stacia off and headed for Freddies.  They are having a GREAT meat sale....Buy one Get one on steaks, ribs, and pork loins, fresh Chicken at 1.29 a pound, ground turkey cheaper than hamburger. I stocked up. They were out of steaks.

I came home for a couple of hours and then headed for the church. Lindsey, our sweet Pastor's wife, has been out of town. I met to help her set up for an upcoming baby shower. Stacia walked to the church after baby-sitting.

Stacia and I stopped at Freddies again as they were expecting a delivery of steaks. We stocked up on steaks. The freezer is respectably full.

Dinner was grilled steak, accompanied by one lone pizza.

We played a few rounds of Farkle, rather than watch a movie. There will be plenty of watching  movies and such in the winter.